Capital copper shop showcasing Khmer women’s sculptures

Publication date 18 August 2022 | 20:58 | ICT

Copper sculptures, once thought of as old fashioned products, have been re-imagined by Madam Chnai, a shop which sells modern and unique decorative sculptures, including copper lamps and wall hangings.



  • Whistling a leaflute tune and keeping the art alive

    Wed, 17 Aug 2022 | 08:11

    On August 4 of this year, a team from the Department of Performing Arts under the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts filmed leaflute musician Chhorn Sam Ath, one of the few remaining music masters who can whistle a tune into a leaf to make music.

  • ‘King Jayavarman VII’: Classic ballet, with modern style

    Sun, 14 Aug 2022 | 07:55

    A performance of the traditional Khmer dance taken from the story of King Jayavarman VII, based on the masterpieces and achievements of three great heroes, will be performed by 200 artists from Princess Norodom Buppha Devi Dance School and the Unions of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC) at

  • Cambodian, German artists explore typography

    Tue, 9 Aug 2022 | 08:03

    Cambodian artist Kem Keosocheat has collaborated with German artist Lars Breuer to examine the typography of their two languages for their In Collaboration exhibition at Phnom Penh’s Meta House.

  • Applications open for CLA Cultural Season

    Sun, 7 Aug 2022 | 08:06

    The Cultural Season Programme, initiated by Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) in 2018, is a collection of performances, including art exhibitions, musical performances, workshops, plays, talks, and short documentaries.

  • Colourful resurgence for silk island artisans

    Wed, 3 Aug 2022 | 07:40

    Among Sar San’s earliest memories is the sight of her mother sitting at a loom weaving silk and cotton skirts, and karma. Born without the use of one leg, she unknowingly inherited this knowledge.

  • Travelling exhibition about S-21 resumes mission after hiatus

    Wed, 3 Aug 2022 | 07:32

    In a bid to raise awareness about the history of S-21 and the crimes of the Khmer Rouge, back in 2014 the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum set up a mobile exhibition called Three-Colour Building that has travelled to public and private schools in the capital, provincial towns and rural parts of the

  • Made-for-TV Royal Ballet competition will air by year’s end

    Tue, 2 Aug 2022 | 08:12

    A new televised Khmer classical dance competition called Lakhon Khmer will begin broadcasting its first season this year.

  • Arts school, Lakhon Khol Youth plan show series

    Thu, 28 Jul 2022 | 08:18

    The Secondary School of Fine Arts (SSFA) and the Lakhon Khol Youth of Cambodia dance troupe have co-organised a large-scale art performance programme called Performing Arts in the Rainy Season.

  • Kampong Speu veteran keeps alive instrument-crafting traditions

    Wed, 27 Jul 2022 | 08:14

    Mach Muy’s father was a Yike artist, and his father-in-law was a chapei dang veng player. The two musicians also made traditional instruments in their spare time, but Muy decided to get serious and turn to the craft to make a living.

  • New exhibition monthly at Chhan Dina Gallery

    Thu, 21 Jul 2022 | 07:55

    After nearly two decades of experience as a painter exhibiting in other people’s galleries, Cambodian artist Chhan Dina opened her own gallery in early 2022 as an easier way to show her own work and the work of others from the Phnom Penh artistic community.