Protect Japan economy from deflation

Publication date 04 June 2020 | 20:55 | ICT

There is growing concern about the Japanese economy returning to deflation. The government and the Bank of Japan should closely watch price trends and implement appropriate policy management.



  • Talk of nuclear tests aims to spark arms race

    Publication date 04 June 2020 | 20:54 | ICT

    It may just be a negotiation gimmick on the part of the US administration’s national defence hawks, who fancy dragging China into what they wish would be a trilateral nuclear arms control regime.

  • Plastics post-pandemic: Tragedy or opportunity?

    Publication date 03 June 2020 | 21:07 | ICT

    Indonesia is one of the countries moving forward to the circular economy platform. Plastic circularity, which involves both the formal and informal economies in its value chain, has been included as part of its agenda.

  • Economic recovery in Laos will be a long road

    Publication date 02 June 2020 | 21:24 | ICT

    Economic recovery from the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is a huge challenge for every country.

  • Regions prepare to spread wings again

    Publication date 01 June 2020 | 21:44 | ICT

    As cases of Covid-19 begin to taper, it is natural that business travellers in the Asia-Pacific will want to fly again. For a region where trade anchors prosperity, this is as essential as reopening schools, shops and offices.

  • Ensure effective measures to restart economy

    Publication date 01 June 2020 | 21:43 | ICT

    Although the declaration of a state of emergency has been lifted, the economy will remain in a difficult situation for a while. Strategic measures must be implemented to normalise economic activities while strengthening the safety net.

  • How Covid-19 will transform access to education in our region

    Publication date 31 May 2020 | 21:06 | ICT

    Over the past decade the traditional university classroom model of higher education has had to contend with three disruptive forces: the march of the digital age, the persistent creep of online distance education as a viable learnin

  • The rise of digital taxes during a pandemic

    Publication date 28 May 2020 | 21:42 | ICT

    Latest DataReportal reports show that as of January, internet penetration in Indonesia stood at 64 per cent of the population or 175.4 million users, up 17 per cent or 25 million people from last year.

  • Hope in Philippine agriculture

    Publication date 27 May 2020 | 21:07 | ICT

    This may sound like a broken record, but it bears repeating: The country needs to revive its agriculture sector.

  • Preventing currency crisis

    Publication date 26 May 2020 | 20:54 | ICT

    Capital outflow from emerging economies has been seen led by aversion to high-risk investment prompted by fears over the spread of the novel coronavirus.

  • UK will pay price for excluding Huawei

    Publication date 26 May 2020 | 20:53 | ICT

    Following a January decision to grant Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier Huawei a limited role in the UK’s 5G networks, Downing Street is reportedly planning for the company’s full phaseout from those networks by 2023.