Bastille Day and the global populist uprising

Publication date 22 July 2019 | 11:20 | ICT

July 14 is celebrated in France as Bastille Day, on which day 230 years ago, French peasants stormed the Bastille prison in Paris and sparked off the French Revolution.



  • Indonesia’s democracy alive, but needs more kick

    Publication date 19 July 2019 | 13:48 | ICT

    Saturday’s symbolic reconciliation between incumbent President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and Prabowo Subianto, respectively the winner and loser of the 2019 presidential race, has effectively sealed the most fiercely contested election the nation has seen.

  • Philippine’s Iceland-induced insanity making world laugh

    Publication date 18 July 2019 | 10:55 | ICT

    Sundry officials and allies of the Duterte administration are hopping mad at the Nordic island nation for having dared to sponsor a resolution at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) that sought

  • Trash hurts cash: Environmental issues threaten economy

    Publication date 17 July 2019 | 14:05 | ICT

    Stepping out of their doors into the scorching heat recently, Hanoians choked on the foul smell of piles of rubbish left on the streets.

  • A debate on liberalism

    Publication date 16 July 2019 | 11:22 | ICT

    The old order is broken. No less than Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared the Neoliberal order “obsolete”.

  • Fragile wings, cloudy skies

    Publication date 15 July 2019 | 11:57 | ICT

    To the uninitiated observer, the recent announcement of India’s civil aviation regulator that domestic airlines had registered growth of 2.62 per cent in the first five months of this year compared to last year may suggest cloudless skies.

  • Restore funding for outreach to support community health

    Publication date 12 July 2019 | 11:37 | ICT

    Here is a seemingly simple question: what is the world’s deadliest animal? Common answers are snakes, lions, crocodiles and hippos. However, the correct answer is the mosquito.

  • Good news for the Mekong

    Publication date 11 July 2019 | 14:01 | ICT

    World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was extremely pleased to hear recent comments from His Excellency Keo Rattanak, the director-general of Electricite du Cambodge (EDC), that he does not want to see the proposed Mekong River mainstream hydropower projects of Sambor and Stung Treng as part of the energy mix

  • Fake news and now ‘stupid news’

    Publication date 11 July 2019 | 12:06 | ICT

    US President Donald Trump has stated, actually read, or if you accept his account, misread, that the Continental Army “took over the airports” from the British Army during the American Revolutionary War.

  • Cambodia’s medical system is due for a check-up

    Publication date 10 July 2019 | 10:50 | ICT

    In Cambodia, many high-ranking government officials and public figures seek medical treatment abroad – including Prime Minister Hun Sen.

  • Forging community ties, one friendly gesture at a time

    Publication date 09 July 2019 | 12:30 | ICT

    Singapore is well known for its Third to First World economic transformation, its efficient, effective government, as well as for being a very fine, clean and green city.