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CLV summit bolsters regional parliamentary ties

08 December 2023 | 08:20

Leaders of the national assemblies (NA) of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (CLV) have affirmed their dedication to enhancing parliamentary collaboration and partnership in pursuit

Singapore academic lauds rapid expansion

07 December 2023 | 21:05

Former foreign minister of Singapore George Yeo Young-boon met with Cambodian leaders following his “much appreciated” presentation on the changing world, the rise of China,

Tripartite summit ups collaboration

06 December 2023 | 21:30

The Cambodian, Lao and Vietnamese (CLV) national assemblies (NAs) are dedicated to fostering stronger and more effective cooperation among the three nations. 

Army exchange bolsters cooperation with S’pore

06 December 2023 | 21:00

A singaporean young army delegation visited Cambodia as part of the Royal Cambodian Army-Singapore Armed Forces (RAC-SAF) Junior Officers Exchange Programme,

Kingdom and China pledge close military cooperation

05 December 2023 | 22:00

Prime Minister Hun Manet on December 4 met with He Weidong, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of China, to discuss continued military cooperation