CCF spinning dreams for Phnom Penh’s down-and-out

Publication date 31 March 2020 | 00:09 | ICT

Inside a Prek Toal community home located in the area of a former landfill in Phnom Penh’s Stung Meanchey commune, Ly Vannak was diligently cutting and sewing fabric.



  • Mother Nature taking back world’s empty city streets as humans retreat

    Publication date 31 March 2020 | 00:07 | ICT

    As humans retreat into their homes as more and more countries go under coronavirus lockdown, wild animals are slipping cover to explore the empty streets of some of our biggest cities.

  • Kiwis snitching on lockdown rule-breakers crashes website

    Publication date 31 March 2020 | 00:04 | ICT

    New Zealanders have become so keen to report their neighbours for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules that police on Monday said a website dedicated to addressing the issue crashed soon after going live.

  • Restaurant in Florida receives $10,000 tip a day before closing

    Publication date 30 March 2020 | 23:24 | ICT

    A customer left a $10,000 tip to be divided among the employees of a Florida restaurant, a day before it was forced to close because of the coronavirus outbreak, the owner said.

  • With toilet paper for prizes, US golfers play on despite pandemic

    Publication date 30 March 2020 | 23:23 | ICT

    While most global sport has shut down over the coronavirus pandemic, a US third-level women’s golf tour is playing through, aided by a ruling declaring Arizona courses as essential businesses – and where a winner’s prize recently in

  • South African couple run ‘balcony marathon’

    Publication date 30 March 2020 | 23:23 | ICT

    A South African couple who ran a marathon on the balcony of their Dubai apartment, streaming it online, plan to take the project global to help people shake off the coronavirus blues.

  • Lebanese applaud virus-battling health workers

    Publication date 30 March 2020 | 23:21 | ICT

    Cheering erupted from balconies and windows in Lebanon on Sunday evening, as the country’s citizens celebrated their “heroic” medical workers battling the coronavirus pandemic.

  • ‘Treated like lepers’: Coronavirus fears taking toll on French nurses

    Publication date 30 March 2020 | 23:20 | ICT

    From anonymous letters to blatant shunning, nurses and other health workers in France say they are becoming targets of suspicion and even harassment by neighbours and patients fearful of catching Covid-19.

  • Police in France get odd queries about virus

    Publication date 30 March 2020 | 23:19 | ICT

    “Can my husband spend the weekend with his mistress?” “A stranger stroked my horse, could he have infected it?” France’s police emergency number has been inundated with queries, some downright odd, since the country went into corona

  • French chefs cook up antidote to virus confinement

    Publication date 30 March 2020 | 16:01 | ICT

    Frustrated at stay-at-home confinement, France’s celebrity chefs are cooking up an antidote to the gloomy days of pandemic and quarantine with the help of television and social networks.

  • Chilean disaster victims share survival skills

    Publication date 30 March 2020 | 01:00 | ICT

    Survivors rom two dramatic rescues that captivated the world, the 2010 Chilean mine collapse and the 1972 Andes plane crash, gave their advice for how to survive a lockdown as the number of Latin American coronavirus cases soared pa