The nostalgic comfort porridge being served at Battambang restaurant

Publication date 19 September 2019 | 18:53 | ICT

Called Bobor Pek by Battambang residents, or Bobor Prong in other provinces, this vegetable rice porridge is better-known among Cambodia’s older generation than the young, as they lived through the Kingdom’s simplified cuisine during the



  • Meaty issue: Mock pork edges onto SE Asian plates

    Publication date 19 September 2019 | 18:50 | ICT

    A sprinkle of chillis, some pinkish “pork” and a few basil leaves tossed into a sizzling wok – chef Songpol swears his vegan version of punchy Thai favourite pad kra phao is a match for the original, as plant-based protein

  • Farmers, chefs fight to save classic ingredients in Mexican cuisine

    Publication date 19 September 2019 | 18:49 | ICT

    Speaking against a backdrop of two soaring, snow-capped volcanoes, Asuncion Diaz explains his fight to save the original poblano chilli, one of the most important ingredients in Mexican cuisine, from climate change and other threats

  • Addressing the speech therapy needs of 600,000 people in the Kingdom

    Publication date 19 September 2019 | 15:51 | ICT

    OIC Cambodia is on a mission to train more local speech therapists to support the growing number of people in the Kingdom diagnosed with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and brain damage.

  • ‘My quest’: Indian star Priyanka Chopra brings Bollywood to Toronto

    Publication date 18 September 2019 | 21:34 | ICT

    No Indian star has made a bigger splash in Hollywood than Priyanka Chopra – and the Baywatch actress said she is on a quest to shatter myths about Bollywood, including its approach to sex.

  • At 70, Third Man still thrills fans despite Viennese snub

    Publication date 18 September 2019 | 21:32 | ICT

    From its iconic theme music to the legendary chase scene through post-war Vienna’s sewers, spy classic The Third Man still draws legions of fans to the Austrian capital 70 years after its premiere – but has never found a pl

  • London selfie shop lets Instagram generation strike a pose

    Publication date 18 September 2019 | 21:30 | ICT

    Posing in a bath of pink balls or throwing up handfuls of multicoloured confetti, teenagers and 20-somethings snap away at a purpose-built London mini-studio for social media selfies.

  • Lord of the Rings show to start filming in New Zealand

    Publication date 18 September 2019 | 19:00 | ICT

    US-based streaming giant Amazon announced on Wednesday its big-budget Lord of the Rings series will within months start filming in New Zealand, home to Peter Jackson’s movies of the fantasy epic.

  • Nettles with British royal roots hit London Fashion Week catwalks

    Publication date 18 September 2019 | 18:59 | ICT

    Fashion models wearing dresses made from nettles harvested at Prince Charles’s country estate in southwest England took to the runway in one of this year’s most unusual offerings as London Fashion Week came to an end on Tuesday.

  • Skin-crawling discovery: Scientists find corpses move

    Publication date 17 September 2019 | 21:08 | ICT

    An Australian scientist has proved that human bodies move around significantly for more than a year after death, in findings that could have implications for detectives and pathologists around the world.

  • The big business of classic TV for powerhouses of streaming

    Publication date 17 September 2019 | 21:07 | ICT

    How many hundreds of millions of dollars would you pay for reruns of Friends, the American version of The Office or The Big Bang Theory? If you are a streaming powerhouse, the answer is: quite a few.