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Lending growth hits record low amidst strong economic performance in first half of ‘24

19 July 2024 | 19:31

Lending growth in Cambodia has slowed to a record low of 2.6%, the lowest level in the last 20 years.

Woman entrepreneur revolutionising ready-to-eat fishery products

19 July 2024 | 13:21

At the heart of Cambodia's bustling domestic fisheries sector – the average Cambodian consumes about 50kg of fish per year

Bakong system facilitates international tourist spending

19 July 2024 | 13:09

The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) will launch the Bakong mobile payment system for international tourists to facilitate their spending while visiting Cambodia

Shanghai all set to launch robotaxi tests

19 July 2024 | 11:00

Shanghai will launch a public testing program for its driverless taxi services as soon as next week, marking a step forward in the city's pursuit

News media groups warn of ‘free riding’ by AI; sites lose views as AI imitates copyrighted content

19 July 2024 | 08:44

With the risk of copyright infringement increasing with the spread of generative AI that automatically produces elaborate texts