Young artists show off their works at TorTim

Publication date 30 March 2020 | 00:26 | ICT

Two young artists – a painting and a photography artist – share space at the TorTim contemporary art gallery to present their work in an exhibition The Flow that began from March 18 and will run until June 18.



  • US museum set to acquire only artworks by women

    Publication date 11 February 2020 | 22:55 | ICT

    An American museum has come up with a bold way to boost women’s participation in the arts: this year it will only acquire works by females.

  • Snow problem for Japan ice sculpture festival

    Publication date 10 February 2020 | 21:36 | ICT

    Every year, tens of thousands of tourists flock to the snow festival in the northern Japanese city of Sapporo, attracted by some 200 large, but intricate ice sculptures. But this year, there’s a problem: no snow.

  • Meet Scarlet, a storyteller with a penchant for the paranormal

    Publication date 09 February 2020 | 21:39 | ICT

    A new social media communicator is chilling Cambodians to the bone with eerie ghost stories.

  • Meak Bochea Day

    Publication date 05 February 2020 | 18:10 | ICT

    The Meak Bochea Day is an event held on a full moon day to commemorate when Buddha announced the creation of Buddhism. This year, Buddhist followers are celebrating the event on February 8.

  • Echoes Across the Mountains

    Publication date 02 February 2020 | 21:27 | ICT

    In a traditional wooden house in the mountains of Mondulkiri, a Bunong woman dressed in traditional attire and accessories sings a cheerful song.

  • Dye workshop dips into traditional Cairo craft

    Publication date 27 January 2020 | 21:21 | ICT

    In Cairo's centuries-old Darb al-Ahmar district, Salama Mahmoud Salama's traditional dye workshop is a multi-coloured hive of workers busy with all kinds of fabrics.

  • Getting to know local urban aesthetics at Sra’Art Gallery

    Publication date 26 January 2020 | 21:26 | ICT

    The annual Cambodia Urban Art Festival is gearing up for another round of creative fun in Siem Reap until January 29, following its conclusion of activities in the capital on Sunday.

  • Doubted self-portrait of renowned artist van Gogh is real, say experts

    Publication date 21 January 2020 | 21:08 | ICT

    A gloomy self-portrait by Vincent van Gogh was declared genuine on Monday after decades of uncertainty, experts identifying it as the only work painted by the Dutch master while he suffered from psychosis.

  • ‘Open-air museum’ blooms in gritty neighbourhood of Dakar

    Publication date 20 January 2020 | 20:57 | ICT

    Mamadou Boye Diallo, an art curator with a penchant for heart-shaped glasses, calls Dakar's working-class Medina neighbourhood an open-air museum.

  • Yaleng returns with thought-provoking local film Fathers

    Publication date 19 January 2020 | 21:06 | ICT

    The upcoming local film, Fathers, has drawn a huge social media following ahead of its premiere on January 30.