We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to ACLEDA Bank on their 30th anniversary.

As a trusted technology partner, we have been proudly supporting ACLEDA for more than five years. We are particularly grateful to the leading Cambodian bank for selecting our solution for the launch of their E-shop on the ACLEDA mobile banking app.

TechAdwiser provides technological solutions to its clients around the world with the mindset of a longer-term partner rather than just as a project vendor.

We strive to enable financial sector entities to harness the full power of modern technologies and build capacity locally to serve their customers and communities.

E-shop is a prominent example of where our technological capabilities complement ACLEDA’s business capabilities to create an innovative and powerful service to benefit customers and communities.

ACLEDA’s management wanted a solution that was easy to use, could reduce the cost of payments and provided protection to buyers.

Our UK-based company had developed a solution that we presented to ACLEDA management and they mandated us to implement it.

As our solution uses technologies that were new to ACLEDA’s technology teams, there was a significant amount of training and technology transfer needed, including in artificial intelligence, scalability and “Request to Pay” feature.

We are committed to providing further training and support to ACLEDA’s teams over the coming months so that they are able to manage most of the work internally.

Such technology transfers are key to our approach in Cambodia, where there is significant potential for human resources development.

E-shop is easy to use, so even with just a mobile phone, smaller vendors can upload their products and access the digital sales channel. This allows even small vendors to share the same platform with larger retailers and compete. This will help in financial inclusion and poverty alleviation goals.

E-shop uses ACLEDA’s powerful payment gateway for direct account-to-account payments, completely bypassing the need for a card in the payment process. This reduces the cost of transactions as there are no fees to be paid to card companies.

This method of payment is becoming increasingly popular as it has the convenience of a wallet but the wider acceptability of a bank account – for example – buyer and seller both just need an ACLEDA bank account for payment to be processed.

A major factor necessary to promote online sales in Cambodia and reduce reliance on the cash on delivery model is to give buyers confidence in the sellers and the whole sales process.

This is where ACLEDA E-shop, using our technological solutions, plays a key role.

For any sale on E-shop, the payment to sellers – unless the buyer chooses to do so earlier – is released only after a “cooling off” period.

We are excited about this major milestone in the ACLEDA journey and are committed to making E-shop a huge success.

We are now discussing cooperation with ACLEDA on onboarding merchants, providing support services and integrating with delivery platforms to increase the reach of ACLEDA E-shop. We are also launching our solution as an on Cloud platform that can benefit customers and merchants of other Banks and MFIs in the Kingdom.