China mobile phones ring in greater digital connectivity in the Kingdom

Content image - Phnom Penh Post
Chinese brands occupy a sizeable market share of mobile phones in Cambodia. Hean Rangsey

The proliferation of Chinese-made mobile phones in Cambodia has increased in recent years with the arrival of more Chinese nationals and investments.

The official launch of the Transsion brand in the Kingdom is a recent example of popular Chinese brands that are now competing with others like Oppo and Vivo in the Cambodian market.

Chinese brands are now occupying a sizeable market share of mobile phones in Cambodia, exceeding 80 per cent as of August.

Their fashionable, user friendly, reliable and affordable units are considered among the main reasons why Chinese brands occupy a strong position in the market.

The rapid economic growth of the Kingdom for mover than two decades prior to the Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020 helped to raise disposable incomes among Cambodians, which also contributed to the growth of the mobile phone market as demand rose.

According to the World Bank, due to fierce competition among telco operators, Cambodia’s data tariff level is very low compared to other countries, which has greatly increased the Puse of data.

The average data traffic per person per month is 6.9G – the highest among low- and low-middle-income countries.

The increasing number of mobile phones and demand for data put forward higher requirements on the data network operators. Huawei, which has been working in Cambodia for 21 years, has played an important role in this process.

Huawei Cambodia said that helping more than 80 per cent of Cambodia’s population use fast and affordable digital networks is one of the most significant impacts Huawei has brought to Cambodian society.

In addition to the mobile phone market, online shopping, electronic payment and express delivery platforms, among others, have bolstered Cambodia’s digital life.

According to data analysis company Similarweb, four of the top five shopping apps in Cambodia are linked to Chinese companies – namely Alibaba, Wownow, Taobao and Leda.

The Kingdom’s manufacturing capacity is not presently strong, with a large number of goods needing to be imported, and platforms such as Alibaba have opened channels for Cambodian consumers to obtain high-quality and affordable Chinese products. Economic Daily