Since registration was opened for the People-to-People Exchange Cup Amateur Badminton Competition, hosted by Cambodia Headlines, many Chinese in Cambodia, local people and staff of relevant ministries have signed up to participate.

As of June 23, the team recruitment phase has concluded. With the competition approaching, the opening ceremony time has been set and the match schedule has been released.

Guest representatives from government departments and institutions such as the Ministry of Information, the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the General Department of Customs and Excise (GDCE) and the Cambodian Badminton Association will attend the event.

The opening ceremony of the People-to-People Exchange Cup Badminton Competition will be held at Norea Badminton Club on Phnom Penh’s Norea Island from 7:30am to 9am on June 29. We welcome our Chinese friends in Cambodia to watch the game!

The ceremony officially starts at 8am, so players participating in the competition are asked to enter and be signed in by 7:30am. Staff will also distribute exquisite competition souvenirs to all personnel at the event.

After the ceremony, the badminton preliminary round will officially begin. Participants must arrive on time according to the above schedule to avoid delaying the competition.

The first competition will be arranged by random number allocation. Each participant can find their number in their personal information packet and reference the match table according to their number. The competition adheres to the principles of fairness and transparency. The number arrangement and match table have been thoroughly reviewed and confirmed by the Cambodian Badminton Association. In addition, the association will provide high-level referees for the competition.

As only eight teams were verified in the women's singles category, all of them qualified for the final competition. The matchup in the picture above is a friendly match on June 29. After the game, the winner will get priority and the draw will be conducted directly on-site to determine the matchups and order of the finals.

Please be advised: There are 14 teams in the women's doubles category, so two teams will have byes; the men's doubles and other teams will also have byes in the first round. After the first competition on June 30, the top eight teams that enter the finals will draw their opponents on-site.

To thank all major media partners for their strong support of the competition, we will set up three outstanding photography/video awards for the event. During the competition, if you wish to share your photos or videos, please send them to the Telegram group below. We will announce the list of winners on July 10. Thank you again for your support!

This year marks the Cambodia-China People-to-People Exchange Year. The participants of the amateur badminton competition include many distinguished Chinese and Cambodian players. Using badminton as a means to enhance the friendship and exchanges between the people of the two countries has added significant highlights to this year of cultural exchanges.

In addition, we would like to express special thanks to our sponsors, E-GetS, JMC Jiangling Motors (Cambodia), Cambodia ZTO, Midea (Cambodia), HONOR, badminton brand VICTOR, One Road Group (Cambodia), P2F Phnom Penh Fresh Express Co Ltd, the Associate Cambodia Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce, EAU KULEN Natural Mineral Water and Phnom Penh New Hong En Hospital for their strong support.

In addition, special thanks to our media partners including, EAC News, Dap News, Troryorng, Phnom Penh Post, Post Khmer, SR Digital Media and Khmernote for their publicity support.

Match table for the official opening of the People-To- People Exchange Amateur Badminton Championship 2024: Click to download