A unique boxing spectacle is set for September 30, featuring an octagonal ring that is being promoted as a world-class event by the Kun Khmer Federation (KKF) in collaboration with Town TV.

This tournament will gather elite competitors from around the world to contend for an international championship and engage in friendly matches, during which 16 elite Cambodian fighters will participate.

In a groundbreaking move for Cambodia, an octagonal arena will be used for the first time. The organisers have carefully chosen eight of the Kingdom's strongest gloved gladiators to compete within this unique setup.

The selected fighters are Prum Samnang (north), Chut Serey Van Thong (northwest), Thoeun Theara (west), Pich Sambath (southwest), Roeung Sophorn (south), Chhoeung Lvei (southeast), Manu Selpak (east), and Phal Sophon (northeast).

Representing Cambodia, Prum Samnang and Thoeun Theara will also vie for world belt titles awarded by the International Professional Combat Council (IPCC) against overseas opponents.

Roeung Sophorn and Phal Sophorn will contend for the Wurkz World IPCC Kun Khmer belts against their Japanese opponents.

"This event is of global significance, created to elevate Kun Khmer to the world stage. It marks a historic milestone for Kun Khmer in Cambodia, as it stands as the largest such event in history," said Tommy Kim, Town TV sports adviser and representative for the IPCC in Cambodia during a September 21 press conference.

"The competition will showcase prize fighters from around the world, featuring championship matches and friendly international contests. The programme will be truly outstanding, thrilling and unprecedented. We even have renowned names joining," expressed Mil Kado, deputy head of the KKF.

Samnang will go head-to-head with the current World Boxing Council belt holder from the US, whereas Theara will be challenging a three-time belt holder from Tunisia. Sophorn is set to compete against a Japanese belt holder in the 69kg category.

"We all understand our desire to elevate our sport's profile and raise global awareness, but without sponsors, achieving this would be challenging," noted Leang Meng, CEO of Khmer Beverages, a significant sponsor.

"That's why we must stand together and, at the same time, our athletes must exhibit strength to attract support. This is why I encourage people to unite and contribute to our shared quest for recognition," he elaborated.