The first Hun Many Cup will provide an additional opportunity for ITF to enhance its sports human resources and select elite athletes for international competitions, said coaches and officials of the Cambodian International Taekwondo Federation (ITF).

The matches are slated to run from November 17-19 at the National Olympic Stadium. 

“This competition for the new cup was established with the approval of the Minister of Civil Service Hun Many and under the initiative of ITF chairman Keo Remy. Its purpose is to bolster the quality of our national teams’ sportspersons, encompassing both teenagers and adults,” said Buonhing Sothya, secretary-general of ITF.

He described the cup as another new contest for the ITF, particularly noting the disappointment of missing out on the SEA Games in May, even though it was held on home soil. Despite their efforts, the ITF’s participation in the games was unsuccessful. 

“Even though we missed international competitions, notably the 32nd SEA Games on our home turf, the ITF’s principle is to motivate participation in more domestic contests. This will hone our athletes’ skills, enabling us to choose outstanding [athletes] to represent our nation,” he added.

Kao Makara, deputy-general of the ITF, mentioned that 18 clubs and associations have enrolled to compete in the 2023 Hun Many Cup. Out of these, there were 36 spots for delegates, alongside 107 sportsmen and 71 sportswomen, totalling 214 participants.