Kim Srun Kosal, advisor to Town Arena and representative of Mas Fight in Cambodia, described the event as a world class competition that would see fighters from eight different nations battle for a belt in the 72kg class.

The competition will also give Theara the opportunity to win a new car.

“This time, he will be pitted against top-class opponents from seven other nations.

“If Theara can clinch victory, Ganzberg Brewery will reward him with a brand new pick-up truck,” explained Srun Kosal, also known as Tommy Kim.

He added that a $40,000 vehicle as a prize, rare even in a developed country, was indicative of Kun Khmer’s rapidly advancing rise in popularity.

“The growth of Kun Khmer is reaching a zenith in terms of its reputation.

“It is time for our martial art to demonstrate its power on the world stage,” he said.

Kosal is yet to reveal the names of the seven foreign boxers who were gearing up to fight in the November 23 event, but said they would all be elite-level competitors.

He said the majority would be European, although one Chinese fighter has already signed up. None of the seven will be from ASEAN countries.

In addition, boxer Eh Amarin Phouthong who just claimed a belt – and was awarded a brand-new car – at the first Kun Khmer event in Australia, was set to fight on the undercard alongside another Khmer boxer.

Kosal said the Cambodian boxers will take on a Myanmar fighter and a three-time belt-holder from Thailand.

The formula of the Kun Khmer 8 MAN tournament will see the eight competitors divided into two pools.

They will be paired off and fight elimination matches, with eight fighters being cut to four and then two, who will go toe to toe for the title.

Based on the formula, some pundits have claimed that three back-to-back victories may be a tall challenge for Theara.

Others have noted his strength, and consider him the dominant force in the 72kg class. In his most recent bouts, Theara has claimed knockouts within the first three rounds.