A DANCE drama and intangible cultural heritage exhibitions from East China’s Jiangsu province have been welcomed by audiences in Cambodia and Thailand.

The drama and exhibitions, part of the activities of the “Experiencing China-Jiangsu Culture Week”, kicked off in Phnom Penh on Monday and ended in Bangkok on Saturday.

Yang Liqun, deputy director of the Jiangsu Foreign Cultural Exchange Association who headed a 72-member delegation, said that the culture week aimed to enhance friendship and boost bilateral ties between China and the two countries.

“We came to Cambodia to hold the Jiangsu Culture Week to strengthen cultural exchanges and people-to-people exchanges between China and Cambodia,” said Yang at the opening ceremony of the culture week at the Diamond Island’s Grand Theatre, that attracted about 600 visitors.

“As a Cambodian saying goes, trust is like trees,” he said. “The friendship between China and Cambodia has been tested by the changes of both time and international relations. The tree of our friendship is always thriving.”

Wang Wentian, Chinese ambassador to Cambodia, said: “Jiangsu Culture Week is one of the most important events during the China-Cambodia Year of Culture and Tourism. It will play an important role in promoting cultural exchange and friendship between the two countries.”

The dance drama, Red Bean in the Southern Land, was based on a true transnational love story in Cambodia.

The intangible cultural heritage exhibitions show the audience Huishan clay figurines, bamboo carvings, calligraphy, paper-cuts, fine embroidery and erhu-a Chinese two-stringed bowed instrument.

A series of cultural activities, such as seminars and theatrical performances, were also held in Thailand and ended on Saturday. China Daily/ANN