London calling: Leander bringing UK property opportunities to Cambodia

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Leander Group Ltd is making property investment opportunities in London and elsewhere in the UK available for Cambodians. Joseph Plotz/Wiki Commons

Leander Group Ltd is now making property investment opportunities in London and the UK available for Cambodians, with such access to one of the world’s premium real estate markets testament to the Kingdom’s rapid and stable economic growth.

“Cambodia’s growing middle class, its demographic characteristics and its constant growth are making the country the perfect candidate to introduce UK real estate among local investors.

“We want to open up the property market in the UK for investors in Cambodia to reap the benefits of owning assets in prime high-yielding locations,” said Leander managing director Timothy Blair.

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Leander Group managing director Timothy Blair. Photo supplied

As well as the UK’s world-famous capital, Leander is also offering property investment opportunities in Birmingham, its second largest city, which the company sees as “presenting huge opportunities”.

“Birmingham is behind the curve with its regeneration, presenting huge opportunities for investors seeking healthy returns. The arrival of the HS2 [high-speed rail network] will also attract increasing numbers of Londoners to Birmingham, where property prices are much more competitive.

“Recent research has found that the average rental yields for Birmingham-based homes range from 5.95 per cent to a decent 7.5 per cent, depending on the size and location of the property. Even at the lower end of the market, this easily exceeds the average UK rental yield of 4.4 per cent,” Blair said.

Leander was founded by Timothy Blair in Hong Kong in 2016, and focuses on a range of alternative investment projects and investor solutions in frontier real estate markets, with offices in Hong Kong, Paris and Dubai.

Having raised over $65 million over three years – mainly via a strong distribution network in Hong Kong and China – Leander Group strategically refocused in 2017 to move up the value chain into real estate acquisition, development and deal origination, identifying Cambodia as its target emerging market.

The Leander Group and API Global collaboration allows to offer newly built and renovated properties in the UK from a variety of successful developers in prime locations with a proven track record. API Global certified Leander Group as its exclusive distributor in Cambodia.

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The Apex Lofts in Birmingham is one such investment opportunity. Photo supplied

“We have already collaborated with API Global across China and Hong Kong and sold more than 100 units. This experience indicated to us that there is a desire in Asia to invest in property outside of the immediate domain, coupled with a desire for the best higher education possible for their children. And we anticipate a similar desire here in Cambodia for education and investment.

“The UK has one of the finest education systems in the world, and purchasing a property in the UK would mean a safe and secure environment for investors’ children during the course of their studies.

“Thereafter, the property would be leased to gain a rental income, with returns ranging from four per cent to 12 per cent per annum, depending on location, along with capital growth. Between now and 2024 UK house prices are expected to increase 15 per cent per annum, making for sound income-producing assets.

“And research estimates that UK renters will outnumber homeowners by 2039, driven by rapidly increasing house prices and a growing popularity for the flexibility that renting provides,” Blair said.

Blair says a range of investors can benefit from investing in UK property, with Leander offering various investment structures to access this high growth sector.

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An Apex Lofts interior. Photo supplied

“Cambodia’s economic growth has led to individual wealth, and we understand that local investors are looking for investment opportunities further afield that offer excellent returns.

“Local and foreign investors, whether seasoned or new to the practice, can take advantage of the exciting opportunities available. The chance to buy property in the UK – which allows foreign home ownership – is ideal for those looking to expand their property portfolios with acquisitions in prime growth locations that offer good returns and gains in capital value.

“There are no restrictions on the foreign ownership of property in the UK, and the recent economic growth in Asia – and in particular Southeast Asia – has led to many high-net individuals looking for investment opportunities further afield.

“The UK property market has maintained consistent growth year on year, and with a shortage of housing the rental market in London and Southeast England is forecast to see a price growth of 11.5 per cent over the next four years, while Birmingham’s growth is expected to hit 12.5 per cent between now and 2023,” he said.

Blair says Leander opening up UK property opportunities in the Kingdom was simply a question of timing.

“Having operated in Cambodia for five years now, we have strong local knowledge and the ability to understand the market, so we were just waiting until the Cambodian market was mature enough before combining our initial UK business with our Cambodian expertise.

“And with Cambodia one of the most stable and sustainable, as well as fastest and most consistent economies in Southeast Asia – the time is undoubtedly now,” he said.