G-Link’s equity CFD allows for investment in global companies

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SERC director-general HE Sou Socheat (left) and G-Link CEO Chea Sothea. SUPPLIED

Cambodia’s leading derivative broker has introduced a slew of investment products for its clients – the latest being the equity CFD, which allows investors to invest in top international businesses.

Golden FX Link Capital (G-Link) Co Ltd has introduced the equity contract for difference (CFD) that allows investors – whether Cambodians or foreigners residing in the Kingdom – to invest in international companies’ securities.

“Investing in equity CFDs is to create a new investment portfolio for investors that is more profitable and stable by getting a wide range of product options which can be implemented with ease, flexibility and capital security, while bringing many other investment advantages.

“Equity CFD investment is also a type of investment portfolio that people in Cambodia can use to hedge any investment risk that may be affected by future market crises by creating multiple income resources at the same time. This is one of the most effective and secure investment strategies,” said Golden FX Link Capital CEO Chea Sothea.

The financial products permits traders to speculate on the price difference between the opening and closing hours of a CFD position. As with any financial product careful research is required as investments can go down as well as up.

G-Link, licensed by Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) is the leading derivative broker in the Kingdom, involved in the trading of precious metals, foreign currencies and many other derivative products.

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A virtual event was held this year to mark G-Link’s achievement as the top derivative broker in the Kingdom. SUPPLIED

Sothea said the new product allows investors to invest in top global companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple and Tesla.

“The equity CFD is a derivative product providing traders a wide range of trading markets, quick liquidity, regulatory protection from market regulators, accessible investment training courses and consultations with regulated broker representatives.

“Investors can start investing in equity CFDs with a low level of capital, meaning that an investor can use just five to 10 per cent to buy a share of any listed company,” he said.

Several dignitaries, including SERC’s director-general HE Sou Socheat and the deputy director of the body’s Securities Intermediaries Supervision Department, HE Dr Vin Pheakdey, attended the June ceremony to mark G-Link’s achievement as the Kingdom’s number one derivative broker.

Sothea said it was timely to introduce the product in the domestic market amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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An SERC workshop to promote the derivatives market. SUPPLIED

“The company has started to officially introduce these products to the public to help both old and new investors get new investment opportunities that can be implemented easily and safely, especially in the context of restricted social activities due to Covid-19 restrictions.

“This is also well in line with the company’s mission of providing Cambodians with knowledge, opportunities and new products for their investment diversification in all circumstances.

“Equity CFDs are active and growing in the market, not only during this period. This is because it is a type of investment that can be implemented whenever and wherever there is the internet.

“Although every investment requires investors to have experience and knowledge prior to starting their investment journey, new investors can still start investing in equity CFDs with confidence with a professional and highly experienced brokerage firm,” said Sothea.

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Chea Sothea presents a memento to a delegate in Kampong Thom province. SUPPLIED

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A G-Link roadshow held in Oddar Meanchey province. SUPPLIED