Cheers! Cambodia Premium Draft Beer offering smooth new taste experience

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Oknha Leang Pov, Dr Im Sothearith and marketing director Kong Kosal (right) unveil the product. Hong Menea

Khmer Beverages on Wednesday introduced its new Cambodia Premium Draft Beer to cater to the Kingdom’s increasingly discerning beer drinkers who are shifting from traditional brands to new tastes.

The use of enhanced technology and special hops from Europe brings the refreshingly smooth draught beer taste to consumers in a bottle, while special features ensure optimum quality.

The launch ceremony at a leading hotel in the capital was attended by Khmer Beverages president Oknha Leang Pov (Peter), the major brewery’s management, other distinguished guests and members of the media.

“Khmer Beverages decided to produce Cambodia Premium Draft Beer because the company wanted to create something unique and convenient for customers.

“Consumers can now enjoy draught beer at home and anywhere else, unlike in the past when customers had to go to a bar, pub or restaurant to drink draught beer,” said Oknha Leang Pov.

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Khmer Beverages president Oknha Leang Pov. Hong Menea

Khmer Beverages has added additional creative touches to the product to entice consumers, particularly young urban adults, with a “cool tester” on the neck of the bottle that turns blue when the bottle is sufficiently chilled – another of Cambodia Premium Draft Beer’s special features.

The 330ml bottle is topped with an easy-to-open cap connected to a ring for easy opening, with a satisfying ‘pop’ when removed, while the labelling glows in the dark.

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Hops – along with malt, yeast and water – are the most important ingredients in beer, and Khmer Beverages selects only the finest.

The special hops used in Cambodia Premium Draft Beer prevent the formation of “off flavours”.

The brewing process uses “flash pasteurisation” technology, while the special hops remain fresh as the “draught in pint” concept preserves the taste of a premium draught beer and brings the refreshingly smooth taste to customers anywhere and anytime.

The shorter heat treatment of flash pasteurisation results in many benefits for the quality of the beer, keeping the aroma profile stable and preventing the creation of “off flavour” compounds.

Compounds that cause refreshing sensations, meanwhile, are preserved, resulting in a fully refreshing and crisp taste, with a more balanced beer aroma and a more refreshing flavour.

“The ‘draught in pint’ concept brings the smooth taste of draught beer regardless of when and where you drink it. You are always guaranteed the refreshing taste.

“Producing draught is not easy, it is a difficult process. It requires a lot of resources and high investment in flash pasteurisation technology.

“We wanted to preserve the aroma fully intact, and the preserve the elements that contribute to the refreshing taste and smooth flavour over the shelf life of the product. These two elements were the most important challenges when we were creating the ‘draught in pint’ as a product.

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The management team, with sales director Dr Im Sothearith third left and technical director Dr Zvonimir Nemet second right. Hong Menea

“The most important part of the idea was to have a product that does leave any bitter aftertaste when you sip it. The beer will not leave any harshness or after bitterness in your mouth – it is always refreshingly smooth all the way down the bottle,” said Khmer Beverages technical director Dr Zvonimir Nemet.

Cambodia Premium Draft Beer is produced in Khmer Beverages’ state-of-the-art brewery at Choeung Ek Village in Phnom Penh’s Dangkor commune, as the brewer strengthens its reputation for taste and quality in the Kingdom’s competitive beer market.

And the management at Khmer Beverages expect Cambodia Premium Draft Beer to make an impact, with sales director Dr Im Sothearith expressing confidence in the new product.

“Within only a few days of distributing Cambodia Premium Draft Beer in the market, we have already received a lot of orders, as well as compliments from consumers on the taste.

“I believe our new product will significantly attract customers, increase revenue for business partners, create jobs and boost economic growth,” said Sothearith.

Nemet added: “This is a new product, and a new experience. It is a little bit different from the standard mainstream lager products on the Cambodian market.

“With its different aroma profile and upgraded and premium packaging, Cambodia Premium Draft will very much be a good match for trendy young urban adults who are seeking new experiences.”

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Cambodia Premium Draft Beer is produced in Khmer Beverages’ state-of-the-art brewery. SUPPLIED