Nissan Connect A-IVI

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Nissan Connect A-IVI

Nissan has put a lot of thoughts into how safe, how useful, how versatile the Nissan NAVARA Premium Plus pick-up can be, with the convenience of Nissan Intelligent Mobility (N.I.M.).

Now, having a new enhancement being added to this pick-up, an 8-inch Infotainment* system that supports voice command with your smart phone (e.g. Apple CarPlay); further enhances the user/driver experience with the vehicle.

The modern design Nissan Connect A-IVI is eye-catching with exquisite graphic that enhance a luxurious and more appealing look to the vehicle; the multi-gesture touch screen makes it easy, fast and convenient for the driver to use. Even the Home Menu screen has easily customisable widgets/shortcuts to individual owners’ preference.

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The *Nissan Connect Alliance In-Vehicle Entertainment (A-IVI) supports selected smart phone functions apps, bringing infotainment, navigation, safety and more to your vehicle by USB cable.

i) Maps come alive with turn by turn navigation (you can use multi-gesture to zoom-in and out).
ii) Use voice-command to search for information via your infotainment touch screen (or just type-away).
iii) Put your whole music playlist -including selected online streaming services - at your fingertips on your vehicle’s infotainment screen.
iv) Convenience of making a phone call without picking up your phone, just by using voice-command controls.
v) Allow voice command to read incoming messages on your smart phone, and reply as well.
vi) Allow voice-search for your favourite radio stations.
vii) Infotainment home screen is customisable to individual owner’s preference.

Hurry to your nearest Nissan Showroom for test-drive and booking.

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