Good governance needed for sustainable growth

Publication date 16 January 2020 | 20:57 | ICT

Cambodia is one of the most successful countries in achieving high and rapid economic growth in Asia and the world.



  • Nepal should gamble on AI

    Publication date 05 January 2020 | 21:19 | ICT

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential part of the fourth industrial revolution, and Nepal can still catch up to global developments.

  • Philosophy of religion

    Publication date 02 January 2020 | 22:33 | ICT

    The distinguished ideologue, Karl Marx, wrote that Communism is from each according to his ability to each according to his need. Human needs are about equal, he presumed.

  • Taliban unbound?

    Publication date 01 January 2020 | 22:36 | ICT

    After having fought a flawed war in Afghanistan for 18 years – termed by scholars Samuel Moyn and Stephen Wertheim as “the infinity war” – the US is now looking for a flawed peace.

  • Christmas as goodwill hunting

    Publication date 31 December 2019 | 22:56 | ICT

    At the first light of dawn on Christmas Day, some German soldiers emerged from their trenches and approached the Allied lines across no-man’s-land, calling out “Merry Christmas” in their enemies’ native tongues.

  • How Britain got Boris

    Publication date 26 December 2019 | 19:45 | ICT

    Asked to name her greatest political achievement, Margaret Thatcher, long after getting dumped by her Tories in 1990, accurately remarked that it was nudging the Labour Party well to the right.

  • Nigeria’s Taliban

    Publication date 25 December 2019 | 21:33 | ICT

    The death of Muhammad Yusuf – the founder of Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’Awati Wal-Jihad, commonly referred to as Boko Haram

  • War on the truth

    Publication date 24 December 2019 | 21:49 | ICT

    In war, the truth is the first casualty. Over two decades, three US presidents, top generals and civilians told lies and half-truths to the American people and the world about the war in Afghanistan.

  • The Queen speaks

    Publication date 23 December 2019 | 20:57 | ICT

    From a remarkably discouraging presentation barely nine weeks ago, Thursday’s address by the Queen of England had a decidedly positive connotation.

  • Time to translate Europe and Asia’s power into a real partnership

    Publication date 23 December 2019 | 20:57 | ICT

    Last week, I chaired ASEM, the “Asia-Europe Meeting”. What might seem to be a rather bureaucratic acronym actually is a politically highly relevant event for our continents.

  • Peering into 2020

    Publication date 22 December 2019 | 21:08 | ICT

    As 2019 fade, the world’s financial markets are reaching record high, celebrating in truth a sigh of relief that Britain has final closure on Brexit through a thumping victory for Boris Johnson; and the non-announcement of a US-Chin