Indonesia’s democracy alive, but needs more kick

Publication date 19 July 2019 | 13:48 | ICT

Saturday’s symbolic reconciliation between incumbent President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and Prabowo Subianto, respectively the winner and loser of the 2019 presidential race, has effectively sealed the most fiercely contested election the



  • Trump’s Korea mission parallels Habibie’s East Timor plan

    Publication date 05 July 2019 | 14:26 | ICT

    ‘I will prove to the world that I can make a major contribution to world peace as mandated by our constitution,” a senior government official quoted former Indonesian president

  • Threats, intimidation: A common problem for journalists worldwide

    Publication date 04 July 2019 | 14:36 | ICT

    Joie Chen, a former CNN journalist who is Northwestern University’s Washington, DC, director of Medill Programs, was talking to the Global Seminar on Local News about how US journalists feel besieged.

  • Aid, development and localisation: After 25 years, issues remain

    Publication date 03 July 2019 | 11:56 | ICT

    Multiple aid organisations in the Kingdom have made great strides in the localisation of staff, placing many Cambodians in leadership positions.

  • The ‘China Syndrome’ infecting the Philippines

    Publication date 02 July 2019 | 13:45 | ICT

    No, not the ‘China Syndrome’ made famous by the 1979 movie of the same title, based on the premise that if a nuclear meltdown takes place, it could potentially melt through all the way down to the other side of the earth.

  • The raging wildfire of hate speech

    Publication date 01 July 2019 | 09:47 | ICT

    A menacing wave of intolerance and hate-based violence is targeting worshippers of many faiths across the globe. Sadly – and disturbingly – such vicious incidents are becoming all too familiar.

  • There is no green revolution without tax justice

    Publication date 28 June 2019 | 10:05 | ICT

    The “green wave” recorded during the European elections on May 26 should give Europe momentum.

  • Sihanoukville tragedy and China: Time for a serious discussion

    Publication date 27 June 2019 | 09:45 | ICT

    The recent, tragic building collapse in Sihanoukville that claimed the lives of 28 workers has sparked significant attention to the question of Cambodia’s booming construction sector and growing Sino-Cambodian economic relations.

  • HK and the digital echo chamber

    Publication date 26 June 2019 | 13:18 | ICT

    The young in Hong Kong are celebrating what they think is a victory in their search for democracy and a voice.

  • Responding to labour market challenges from the AEC

    Publication date 25 June 2019 | 10:28 | ICT

    Asean regional integration continues to bring both opportunities and challenges to its member states, and as one of its core pillars, the Asean Economic Community (AEC), is no different.

  • Balkanising the World Wide Web into the ‘splinternet’

    Publication date 21 June 2019 | 12:55 | ICT

    It is a cliche to say that we live in a digital age, with many countries upgrading to become Knowledge Economies.