The Ministry of Tourism and the Siem Reap Provincial Administration have launched a trial of a new mobile app which aims to make it easier for domestic and international tourists to access high-quality, fast secure services.

The app, STC Vendors, is an initiative of the Siem Reap Tourism Club Association (STC).

Through the app, tour guides, drivers, restaurateurs and other tourism service providers can register their contact details, prices and availability. 

The app can be accessed quickly and easily by state and private tourist service information agencies, allowing them to respond rapidly to any enquiries that guests to the province may have.

The registered drivers, guides, spas, etcetera, can also be viewed and booked through the “” website, making it simple for visitors to book their own services.

The pilot launch was held on January 26, said the provincial information department.

In attendance were Heng Sok Chamroeun, tourism ministry undersecretary of state, and Yun Linne, deputy governor of Siem Reap, along with members of the STC.

Sok Chamroeun, described the app as an example of the common goals and vision of the ministry and the private sector. 

“Both are committed to the use of digital systems and the socio-economic development of the Kingdom,” he said.

“The ministry considers the development of the mobile app an excellent example of a private sector partnership with the government. It will meet the needs of domestic and international tourists who demand services that are fast, specific and highly secure,” he added.

Linne also expressed his support for the digital platform.

“We hope this new mechanism will make it easier for our guests to obtain information and plan a fun visit to Siem Reap,” he said.

He added that the provincial authorities have been improving the potential scope of tourism services through the construction of new infrastructure, including roads, bridges, public lighting and the provision of electricity and clean water supplies.

Mam Rithy, president of the Cambodian Tourism and Service Workers Federation (CTSWF), said on January 29 that the new app would make it easier for visitors to Siem Reap to learn about the tourism services available in the province.

Along with the pilot of the Siem Reap app, he wants to see the ministry offer a nationwide equivalent, as are available in many other countries. He cautioned, however, that registered businesses would have to adhere to international standards.

“If they do not meet the expectations of our guests, they will be critical, and may share their negative experiences,” he explained.