Minister of Labour and Vocational Training Heng Sour has issued a Prakas, granting permission to both public and private institutions to observe 22 national holidays in 2024. This directive was confirmed through an October 2 proclamation regarding paid holidays for next year.

Within the Prakas, Sour specifies that the labour ministry has authorised all employees in enterprises and establishments to take paid leave for 22 days in accordance with the 2024 calendar.

“For enterprises and establishments that require continuous operation with activities that cannot be halted, the enterprise owner or director must arrange for employees to take leave on a rotating basis for each holiday,” he stated.

He noted that in cases where workers and employers have reached an agreement, or when such arrangements are outlined in internal regulations or collective agreements, employees’ leave can be scheduled for times other than the designated public holidays mentioned in the Prakas.

Additionally, the establishment’s owner or director is required to maintain a regularly updated list of workers taking turns for holiday leave, which is subject to inspection by the labour inspector.

Furthermore, during the leave period, owners or directors may temporarily hire replacement workers.

However, National Trade Union Confederation (NTUC) president Far Saly expressed disappointment that the ministry has not introduced extended holidays when the designated holidays fall on Saturdays and/or Sundays as he views this as an unfair practice for workers.

“We understand that workers’ wages are still not on par with civil servants’ salaries, so it’s unacceptable for them to have national holidays on both Saturday and Sunday, as civil servants do. Therefore, I kindly request Prime Minister Hun Manet to review and reconsider their holiday arrangements,” he stated.