The government late on April 26 announced an extension of lockdown in Phnom Penh and adjacent Takmao town in Kandal province for another seven days – or longer if residents do not comply with Covid-19 preventive measures and the community outbreak does not subside – until May 5.

According to the new 14-page directive signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen on April 26, lockdown areas will now be designated as Red Zone, Dark Yellow Zone, and Yellow Zone depending on the severity of the outbreak.

A red zone is considered to be at highest risks of Covid-19 transmission, a dark yellow zone is considered to be moderate and a yellow zone is at lowest risks. Travelling in a red zone is forbidden and residents must remain in their homes, except for medical reasons and other emergencies. Exempted are health workers, officials with a travel permit and provision of essential public services.

In a dark yellow zone, people are allowed to commute if they have a permit issued by the authorities, but a curfew is imposed from 8pm to 5am. For a yellow zone, travelling and essential businesses are allowed as long as health measures are strictly followed.

The designation, according to the directive, will take effects from April 29.

The government also directed the national ad-hoc commission for Covid-19 vaccination programme to use all means to accelerate its campaign and inoculate all residents aged 18 and over in Phnom Penh and neighbouring Kandal province.