Minister of Cults and Religions Chay Borin instructed all municipal and provincial departments to cooperate with the chief monks and religious leaders to organise a Buddha teaching event at pagodas, spreading compassion to all people on the 21st International Day of Peace.

Each year, the International Day of Peace falls on September 21. It encourages the promotion of peace ideals among people and nations worldwide.

“The capital and provincial departments of cults and religions are instructed to collaborate with chief monks and religious leaders to celebrate the 21st International Day of Peace. They are to conduct Buddhist functions in pagodas, spreading Buddha’s teachings to promote compassion among humans and call for global peace,” announced the ministry in a September 15 statement.

“All pagodas must raise national flags, religious flags, banners, slogans and coloured lights to celebrate this day,” the ministry said.

Venerable Khim Sorn, the chief monk of Phnom Penh, confirmed that he has received the letter. The monk committees will follow the ministry’s instructions.

In 2021, during his tenure as the head of the government, former Prime Minister Hun Sen said he was delighted to join the global community in commemorating the significant occasion of the International Day of Peace.

“Our aim is to foster a profound worldwide appreciation for the principles of peace, while reaffirming Cambodia’s unwavering dedication to nurturing and upholding enduring peace and stability,” he said.