June turned out to be a month of rejuvenation for Cambodia's Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary as two remarkable organisations – USAID Morodok Baitang and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Cambodia – orchestrated a series of events with a noble cause. 

The highlight of these activities was the planting of over 26,600 saplings across 21ha of land within the sanctuary in Mondulkiri province. This reforestation initiative targets the restoration of forests that have suffered due to illegal activities, resulting in widespread degradation or complete clearing.

In a statement, USAID Morodok Baitang highlighted the extensive participation of the community in these events, noting the attendance of 278 individuals. The attendees included not only the provincial governor and environment department officials but also local authorities, community members and ethnic minority groups. They engaged in the restoration efforts across five sites within and around the sanctuary.

The statement went on to underline the instrumental role played by the local communities in this conservation initiative. They contributed significantly by providing the required labour for land preparation and planting. 

The responsibility does not end with the planting; the local communities will continue to nurture and care for the seedlings now that they have been planted, underscoring their ongoing commitment to environmental conservation. 

This grand effort exemplifies how united action can bring about significant change, fostering hope for a greener future in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary.