The National Election Committee (NEC) has examined some of its technical processes and improved them, in order to conduct the upcoming general election even more smoothly.

NEC secretary-general Tep Nytha said at a recent five-day training that the improvements were made based on the committee’s experiences and lessons from previous elections, and the success of last year’s commune council elections.

The training was designed to upskill NEC instructors and officials ahead of the 7th mandate national election, which is scheduled for July 23, according to NEC.

“We examined and improved some technical details regarding the completion and use of election forms and other paperwork, and also added new mechanisms to use computers to inspect and tally election results at all stages of the process. This will form the basis for preliminary results, which will be manually verified by officials using calculators,” he explained.

He also briefed the assembled officials on the process of drawing up the rules and procedures for the election, noting that the NEC general secretariat has been updating them since August 2022, submitting them for approval several times.

At the conclusion of the course, Nytha offered his appreciation to the each of the trainees who completed the five-day workshop, which began on June 1.

FUNCINPEC spokesman Nhoeun Raden said his party was prepared to abide by the streamlined procedures.

“Representatives from our party keep abreast of all of the updates issued by the NEC for all stages of the election process, so they will be aware of the plans, procedures and the rules drawn up by NEC,” he added.