National Election Committee (NEC) senior member Em Sophat called on all pertinent parties to respect the laws and regulations surrounding the distribution of voter information papers, to follow the NEC’s guidance and to perform their respective roles in an ethical manner.

He added that their participation is required to ensure the process of distributing the voter information papers is fair, accurate and transparent.

Sophat met with election stakeholders to discuss the preparation of the papers, the issuance of media cards and the media code of conduct on May 23, at the NEC headquarters.

NEC will print 9,710,655 information sheets, one for each person who is registered for the election.

The 2023 sheets will differ from previous years, as NEC has added photographs to make it easier to verify the identity of voters.

Papers will be distributed from May 28 until June 26. If a voter does not receive their information, they can collect the paperwork from their nearest Commune Election Commission from June 28 to July 21.

Sophat explained that a March 13 decision about the production and distribution of voter information requires each Commune Election Commission to appoint one or more distribution teams, depending on the size of their jurisdiction.

He added that the presence of the representatives of civil society organisations or NGOs need not be a barrier to the distribution process. Those who are not part of the process may send observers.

“I call on the NEC, local authorities at all levels, all political parties that are standing in the election, associations, national and international NGOs and all other stakeholders to respect the election laws and regulations, so the distribution process is run smoothly and accurately, in a fair and transparent manner,” he said.

FUNCINPEC Party spokesman Nhoeun Raden said his party had always respected the guidance of the NEC, and the rules surrounding all aspects of the election process.

“The distribution of voter information papers is the duty of the local authorities. However, the party will advise its activists and local officials to share information with the people who are named on the voter list,” he added.