The National Election Committee (NEC) met with representatives of each of the political parties that will contest the upcoming 7th National Assembly election, in order to discuss their campaign preparations.

The June 2 meeting at NEC headquarters was chaired by Mok Dara, NEC deputy secretary-general of the NEC and chairman of the Coordinating Committee for Voter Education and Political Party Policy Outreach Programmes.

The meeting was organised to inform the political parties about the guidelines surrounding the organisation of their campaign activities, including any radio or television advertising they might broadcast. The campaign period is scheduled for July 1 to 21.

Dara explained that each of the participating parties was treated in an equal, transparent and fair manner, and that all of their questions were answered and clarified during the meeting.

FUNCINPEC spokesman Nheun Raden said on June 3 that representatives of his party had attended the meeting.

“Our party representatives listened closely to the instructions of the NEC, which focused on three main points related to the dissemination of our policies during the campaign period,” he added.

He noted that on behalf of FUNCINPEC, which was officially recognised and registered by the NEC, the party will firmly adhere to the instructions, procedures and regulations that were prescribed.