The Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training’s National Employment Agency (NEA) is hosting a job forum offering more than 2,500 employment opportunities to students and other job seekers.

The March 6 forum, held in collaboration with the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) and 22 companies, features workshops which aim to share experience and knowledge on how potential employees can prepare themselves for the job market.

The 22 firms are expected to provide 2,525 job openings on the day.

“Students who are looking for a job, or people who are considering switching employment, should prepare their resumes and attend the forum. They will be able to meet with representatives of 22 major employers for immediate job interviews,” said a NEA social media post.

“Young people can also participate in workshops where professional speakers will explain the importance of preparing for the job market, as well as how to effectively prepare for an interview,” it added.

Vong Vannary, senior recruitment officer at AMK Microfinance Institution, sees the forum as an effective strategy to bring job opportunities to students who are studying and do not have time to search for a job.

“I appreciate the NEA for finding new ways to help students learn about large companies, as well as current information about the employment market,” she said.

Reth Sakea, head of the Recruitment and Outreach Unit of AEON Specialized Bank (Cambodia) Plc, explained that the bank has worked closely with the NEA at various job forums, whether held at universities or elsewhere.

“I see the holding of these forums at educational institutions as a new turning point in bringing job opportunities to students. The NEA-facilitated programmes obtain good results, and are welcomed by all stakeholders, both public and private,” he added.