The Ministry of Tourism has warned that those who are still conducting tourism businesses without licences will face legal action.

The ministry has observed that unlicensed tourism businesses have emerged as a problem, so tourism business owners are required to pay close attention and get licensed.

The ministry issued a November 25 instruction saying that before using tourist services, travel operators and domestic and international tourists should ask them for their tourism licence and scan it with a QR code to verify authenticity first.

“The owners or managers of hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, tourist resorts, travel transport firms, airline ticket firms and all tour guides must not sign or provide cooperation on tourist supply service or allow any tour operator and travel agency or any individual who conduct unlicensed tourist business to book tickets,” according to the instruction.

The instruction read that the tour operators and the travel agencies and the airline firms will be held accountable for damage or other risks if they cooperate with partners of unlicensed tourist services or any individuals who conducted unlicensed tourist business.

The ministry instructed those who are acting as tour guides or travel agencies without a licence and advertising their activities on social media have to apply for tourist licences at the Ministry of Tourism or the Departments of Tourism in the capital of their provinces or they can apply directly via the online platform.

“If they still continue their activity as unlicensed tourist business, they will face legal action,” the instructions stated.