In the verdant expanse of Preah Suramrit Kosamak Kirirom National Park, a notable endeavour is taking root. As part of a considerable environmental initiative, nearly 20,000 saplings have found a new home within the Buddhist Cultural Centre’s grounds.

With September on the horizon, the Ministry of Environment has ramped up efforts, aiming to plant a total of 30,000 trees by the month’s first week.

New environment minister Eang Sophalleth recently visited the park, located in Kampong Speu province’s Phnom Sruoch district. On August 27, following his meeting with the park rangers, the ministry shared an update on their impressive tree planting endeavour.

In addition to his supervisory role, Sophalleth reviewed camping sites, assessed the status of communities in the park and looked into local bamboo processing enterprises.

Thus far, the Buddhist Cultural Centre’s premises within Kirirom National Park have welcomed almost 20,000 new trees, according to the ministry.

Kampong Speu provincial governor Vei Samnang added a note of anticipation to the project.

He revealed that Bun Rany, president of the Cambodian Red Cross (CRC), will officiate the tree planting ceremony at the centre.

“Upon completion, the Preah Soramrit Kosamak Kirirom National Park will stand as a refreshing oasis, inviting visitors from all walks of life to rejuvenate and reflect,” Samnang expressed with optimism.

Last May, Bun Rany voiced a stirring message on the significance of such reforestation efforts.

The initiative serves a twofold purpose, she articulated, being a retreat for nature’s admirers and counteracting the significant threats of climate change, land degradation and the myriad challenges they bring.

“Planting trees in this national park is a gesture towards a healthier planet, ensuring a harmonious environment and drawing visitors to appreciate nature’s splendour,” she said.