Minister of Health Chheang Ra has urged both public and private healthcare providers to enhance their quality of services and tighten regulatory frameworks. The appeal comes amid growing concerns about public trust in the nation’s health support system.

Ra made the remarks during a meeting on September 14 with health officials, hospital leaders and members of the National Medical Council. Also present were Hun Chamroeun, deputy director-general of Calmette Hospital, ministry secretaries of state Sik Bunna and Ngov Kang, and Ros Prach Ponleu, head of the ministry’s General Department of Health Technology.

The meeting was convened to review the “Prakas on medical professionals”, which aims to provide the public with accurate information for choosing the appropriate medical resources.

The directive also requires professionals to uphold ethical standards and comply with existing legal regulations to ensure quality, safe and equitable healthcare for the public.

Ra emphasised the importance of implementing a six-point priority programme laid out by the new government.

“One of the priorities is to expand coverage and enhance the quality of both public and private medical services,” he explained.

Yang Kim Eng, president of the People’s Centre for Development and Peace, said more needs to be done.

“While it serves as a wake-up call, what they truly need are technical mechanisms and concrete action plans for reforms,” Eng said.

Eng urged the ministry to invest more effort in reinforcing the sector to foster public trust, pointing out that many Cambodians still seek medical treatment abroad in countries like Thailand and Vietnam.