Cambodia joined the 10th Nevsky International Ecological Congress in Saint Petersburg, Russia, for two days from May 25-26 to discuss climate change and the digital transformation for ecology and water resources in the future.

The main theme of the Congress this year was "Ecology: A Right, Not a Privilege".

The Ministry of Environment said in a May 27 social media post that its representatives and the Cambodian ambassador to Russia attended the congress.

The congress also brought together several ASEAN member countries including Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, along with China and nations from Central Asia and Africa, national and international organisations, as well as the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

“The participants examined and discussed ... strategies and options, measures for environmental protection, economic development, the Arctic and Antarctic environments, organic products, and the role of forests in nature,” it said.

It added that Russia had asked members of the congress to examine the possibility of increased cooperation to a concerted effort on climate change response measures, protection and conservation in the region and the world.