Commencing January 1, 2024, the Battambang Provincial Department of Culture and Fine Arts will resume ticket sales for foreign visitors for the recently reopened provincial museum. 

The move is in accordance with the Inter-Ministerial Prakas dated August 18 by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, outlining the revenue collection procedure for museum visits.

“Children below 10 enjoy complimentary museum admission. Tickets for foreign guests aged 10 and above are priced at 12,000 riel ($3) each, valid for the entire day. Admission for Cambodian citizens is free,” noted Kim Sophoan, director of the provincial culture department.

Established in October 1968, the Battambang Provincial Museum encompasses sections dedicated to culture, art, sculpture, and architectural structures.

Provincial governor Sok Lou said on December 6 that the reopening of the museum is intended to attract a greater number of national and international visitors to the province.

“The museum experienced a temporary closure due to a decline in tourist numbers and the need for essential repairs. As per the provincial plan, the museum is set to undergo transformation into a ‘smart’ museum in the future, with preliminary visits currently welcomed,” he said.

Situated on Street 1, approximately 100 meters north of the newly connstruced Independence Monument, the museum stands at the heart of the province, emerging as a prominent architectural landmark.

The cultural ministry initiated partial renovations in 1997, followed by additional exhibition halls in 2009. Further enriching its offerings, in 2015, the ministry collaborated with the Friends of Khmer Culture, an NGO, to organise a noteworthy exhibition at the museum.

Today, the museum serves as a tourist magnet, seamlessly blending the history, culture, and identity of Battambang province. Drawing international visitors, its allure lies in the ancient Khmer architecture, historical sculptures, artefacts and captivating art galleries within its premises.