The Apsara National Authority (ANA) called for tourists to be mindful of strong winds that could be a danger to them as they visit the Angkor Archaeological Park. Officials are currently pruning tree branches that could eventually cause accidents otherwise.

The call came after strong winds caused a large tree branch to fall on a tourist bus at the Pre Rup temple on June 20, though no one was injured in the incident.

ANA spokesman Long Kosal said current weather conditions means that strong winds could cause an accident at any time. Although the ANA regularly inspected the trees in the park, it was not always possible to predict which ones might fall.

He reminded all citizens, tourists and the drivers of tourism vehicles to not take shelter or park under trees during storms.

“We regularly inspect and prune branches that pose risks. However, we cannot prevent 100 per cent of the branches from falling, so we urge people to be mindful,” he said.

“We are concerned about this, but we cannot remove all the trees as they are part of the Angkor area’s heritage,” he added.

In a June 20 announcement, ANA said that to ensure the safety of the public – as well as to improve the beauty of the streets and temples in the Angkor area – officials will begin felling some trees and pruning branches. The operation began on June 22 and will continue until completion.

Seventy-nine trees have been assessed as at risk, with some being pruned and some being removed completely.