Former Prime Minister Hun Sen, as president of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), has accepted a request by Say Bory, formerly an adviser to the late King Father Norodom Sihanouk and defence lawyer for former Khmer Rouge head of state Khieu Samphan, to join the CPP.

Bory resigned from the Buddhist Liberal Democratic Party (BLDP) in 1995.

“In my capacity as CPP president, I have extended a warm welcome to Say Bory, who has decided to rejoin political life with the CPP,” Hun Sen said a September 5 social media post.

“Through Bory’s participation, the CPP gains a rare and widely respected intellectual,” he added.

On the same day, Bory explained that he resigned from the BLDP in 1995, before establishing the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia (BAKC), and being selected as its president. Since then, he has independently served the Kingdom.

“I have gained a clearer understanding of the ideology of Hun Sen’s leadership, and determined that it is compatible with my own views and ideals. This morning, I sent a message to the CPP president, expressing my desire to join the CPP and unite on the journey of building the nation behind the younger generation, towards more rapid social growth,” he said, via social media.

Yang Peou, secretary-general of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, noted that the CPP assembled intellectuals from all political parties, welcoming anyone who had the will to contribute to the country’s development, and was prepared to work together to led the nation.

“This is what the CPP has always done. It does not discriminate against anyone. Regardless of which side any individual used to work for, so long as they have the intention or the will to serve the nation, the CPP will welcome them. In this competitive era, gathering intellectuals together is the correct approach,” he said.