Minister of Interior Sar Kheng appeals to all sides to continue to protect the Kingdom’s hard-won peace, claiming that “extremist” opposition groups are still attempting to sow chaos in society as a means of overthrowing the government.

While meeting with civil servants, police and members of the armed forces, and veterans on May 20 to mark the National Day of Rememberance in Battambang province’s Ratanak Mondol district, Sar Kheng reminded the assembled guests to follow developments in society and the complicated changing situation in the region and world, especially the consequences of war and geopolitical competition.

“Along with the complex issues facing the world, some opposition groups are still trying to stir division in society in an attempt to topple the elected government. They will use every trick they can to hinder the progress of national development,” he said in a social media post following the event, without naming any extremist groups.

Sar Kheng said the government has introduced polices and measures to develop the country, with the support and participation of civil servants, police and members of the armed forces, authorities at all levels and people across the country, including those in Ratanak Mondol district.

He thanked all of the district’s veterans and retirees for the sacrifices they had made to secure the peace, political stability, public order and social progress that the Kingdom now enjoys.

He also offered his appreciation to the district authorities at all levels for conscientiously performing their duties, noting that Ratanak Mondol has developed in all sectors and contributed to the success of the government’s policies.

Yang Peou, secretary-general of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, said that thanks to the rise of social media, many Cambodians had access to far more information than ever before, but are sometimes unable to ascertain which sources are reliable.

“Unverified information could lead them to believing comments by politicians who campaign on a negative platform as the election approaches,” he said.

He believed the interior minister’s warnings were timely, as problems could arise in society if people begin to absorb a large amount of misinformation.

“The Kingdom has just observed Remembrance Day, a time to reflect on how we suffered through years of civil war. Therefore, the maintenance of peace and social order remains necessary to guarantee that Cambodia has the chance to develop further,” he said.

During its May 19 Council of Ministers meeting, the government called on people of all political affiliations to remain calm and maintain the hard-earned peace.