In the realm of Hollywood, Nop Daren has established himself as a renowned movie fight choreographer, specialising in high-octane, action-packed films.

Raised in France by Cambodian parents, Daren’s extraordinary journey to success has been fuelled by his unwavering passion for adrenaline-fuelled car chases, explosive fight scenes, and captivating stunts.

“As a fan of stylish cars and heart-pumping action, I have always aspired to contribute to the Fast and Furious franchise. And now, I have been given the opportunity to be the fight choreographer with a remarkable French stunt team,” he said.

Daren, 37, said that his role as a fight arranger revolves around choreographing intense fight scenes and awe-inspiring human stunts that breathe life into a movie.

His meticulous attention to detail ensures that the director, producers, and actors are captivated by his visionary concepts and fully immersed in the action.

Working closely with the cast, Daren trains and prepares them for the physically demanding aspects of their roles, teaching them choreography that showcases their skills during filming.

“I have the privilege of working with all the actors, training them, showing them the choreography, and preparing them for shooting,” he explained.

While working on Fast X, Daren encountered one of his greatest challenges: seamlessly integrating the action and fights to complement the established characters.

With a diverse ensemble cast, each possessing unique traits and fighting styles, he had to strike a delicate balance that satisfied both the actors and the creative vision of the film.

Given the immense scale of the production and the multitude of characters involved, this task was nothing short of monumental.

“Finding a suitable fighting style that satisfies everyone involved was quite a challenging task, considering the diverse range of preferences and requirements,” Daren told The Post.

“It demanded substantial effort since each individual had specific needs and objectives within this particular context. However, the ultimate goal was to ensure that everyone involved in the process was content and satisfied with the chosen fighting style,” he added.

Speaking about his experience, Daren enthusiastically declared that Fast X is an action-packed extravaganza with a substantial budget, featuring explosive sequences, intense fight scenes, and jaw-dropping car crashes.

Working on such a prominent franchise has been a thrilling and fulfilling endeavour, fuelling his passion for crafting exhilarating cinematic moments.

Daren’s foray into the film industry began with his ground-breaking achievement directing a short action movie titled Shadow of 13 several years ago.

The film achieved remarkable success, particularly in Asia and the United States. Despite noticing that other filmmakers sought out his collaborators for subsequent Cambodian action movies, overlooking his own potential, Daren remains grateful for the opportunities provided by American producers.

He expressed a strong desire to create something grand in Cambodia, showcasing a new style, a fresh vision, and breaking free from stereotypes.

“I would love to create something monumental in Cambodia, with a new style, a fresh vision, devoid of stereotypes—simply something epic,” he said.

Looking ahead, Daren eagerly anticipates his involvement in the highly anticipated Expendables 4, where he will make his mark as an action actor.

Being part of such a significant franchise, alongside numerous Hollywood stars, fills him with excitement and anticipation.

Daren said that he hopes that his achievements will make his fellow Cambodian citizens proud, as he continues to break barriers and push the boundaries of action entertainment.

The former refugee said that he would be elated if film producers in Cambodia showed interest in collaborating with him. With his exceptional talents and expertise, he looks forward to the prospect of working with Cambodian film producers.

“If they give me the opportunity and if the deal is good, yes, with pleasure,” he said.

Daren’s enthusiasm and willingness to contribute to the Cambodian film industry highlight his passion for showcasing his skills and helping elevate the local cinema scene.

Despite the successes and accolades he has achieved, Daren remains grounded, reflecting on his humble beginnings.

Coming from a refugee family, he carries the weight of his parents’ stories about the tragic events in Cambodia and the family members lost during the war.

While his parents emphasised the importance of education and a stable job, Daren’s unwavering passion led him down a different path.

Although he admits he wasn’t a good student, he persevered and pursued his dreams, eventually finding his true calling in the world of movie choreography.

His true calling lay in the world of fast cars and exhilarating action movies. Inspired by the heart-pounding thrills of the Fast and Furious franchise, he yearned to be a part of something equally spectacular.

Daren began his acting career in 2009 with the Parc Asterix Stunt Troupe. His skills caught the attention of Bradley James Allan, the influential Australian stuntman, stunt coordinator and actor who was a long-time member of Jackie Chan’s team, who hired him. Since 2017, Daren has been actively involved in film productions as a stuntman and martial artist.

In the TV series Moon Knight, Daren earned an Emmy nomination for his role as the stunt double for Oscar Isaac’s character.

He steps in during fight scenes when the Knight character transforms into the Moon Knight. Daren expressed his pride and gratitude for the opportunity to work on his favourite Marvel character, appreciating the support of those who trusted him. He is delighted that his work is being enjoyed by many.

Daren’s exceptional stunt performance in the 2022 series earned him a well-deserved nomination for Outstanding Stunt Performance.

Specifically recognised for his work in the episode titled Gods and Monsters, Daren’s dedication and skill as a stunt performer have garnered attention and acclaim.

Daren holds deep respect for his Cambodian heritage and cultural traditions. He consistently demonstrates his reverence by adhering to the Cambodian traditional way of paying respect to the people around him, including actors, directors, and producers.

He says this gesture holds significant meaning, symbolising his profound respect and gratitude. He attributes his strong cultural values to his Cambodian parents, acknowledging their role in raising him with a solid foundation of good culture.

“My culture is very important to me. When I make this gesture, it signifies a great deal of respect and gratitude. I am grateful to my Cambodian parents for raising me with a strong cultural foundation. Their teachings have instilled in me a deep appreciation for our traditions,” he said.

Daren’s story is a testament to the power of determination and following one’s passion, regardless of the obstacles that lie ahead.

As he continues to make his mark in Hollywood and beyond, his inspiring journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers and action enthusiasts worldwide.