Stepping into the world of business requires diligent financial management and a clear vision, such as demonstrated by a successful fried banana chips business owner.

Non Channy has launched an agro-processing venture and her efforts support the local community. In Samlot district of Battambang province, Channy noticed an abundance of unwanted bananas.

Recognising the untapped potential of this overlooked resource, she founded the brand “Reacheny Banana Samlout” and turned these bananas into delicious fried chips.

“Seeing so many leftover bananas in the community, I started test marketing our product. As customer support grew, we were able to expand our business,” she said.

Launching and developing a small business involves important considerations. Channy highlights a few key factors, especially for new entrepreneurs.

“Besides managing product quality, it’s crucial to adhere to business regulations, including business planning, financial and personnel management,” she said.

She recognises the challenges in running a business, but maintains a positive outlook.

Channy said: “We’re not solitary in this endeavour. Our community stands with us, ever ready to lend a hand. As women, we must ask ourselves how robust, how resolute, how self-assured are we in propelling our enterprises onward?”

“Regardless of the magnitude of external support, it is our intrinsic confidence that truly matters, a characteristic all women must continually cultivate,” she affirmed.

Channy also emphasises the role of capital and loans. She believes that if an entrepreneur waits to have enough capital to launch a business, they might never reach their goals. It’s essential to seek external funding to realise business plans.

Product packaging is another significant aspect of her business. With three different types of packaging, she caters to a variety of customer needs.

The “Reacheny Banana Samlout” brand now has the capacity to produce an average of one and half tonnes of chips each month.

With roughly 2,500 clusters of fresh bananas, she is creating jobs for a dozen women. She launched her venture towards the end of 2017, with an initial investment of about $1,000 to secure cooking implements, equipment, raw materials and seasonings.

Channy’s objective is to bridge rural women’s craftsmanship with the sentiment of the populace.

“Every bite of our fried banana chips signifies your valuable contribution to the community,” she expressed.