Women’s Radio FM103.5 channel had ambitions to expand digital coverage in order to continue contributing to the empowerment of women and aiding in their participation in society, said Oung Chanthol, executive director of Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia (WMC).

Chanthol made these comments on the occasion of the official launch of new podcast and app of WMC’s Radio on September 11.

She stated that the centre is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that uses media as a means to expand the rights of women, girls, and vulnerable individuals.

“The WMC has a long-term vision that includes empowering women, preventing all forms of violence, providing people with accurate information, upholding democracy, and promoting public participation through awareness raising,” she explained.

Friederike Burkert, a representative of the German development agency GIZ, who attended the launch, expressed her appreciation for WMC.

She said that these achievements will continue to encourage active participation in effectively addressing social issues.

“I am pleased to see the progress of the WMC from traditional radio to the development of its new digital online radio podcast available in both Khmer and English, which focuses on gender issues and leadership and democracy as GIZ will continue to support Women’s Radio going forward,” she said.

Huot Kheang Veng, secretary of state at the Ministry of Information, also expressed his appreciation, stating that these developments mark meaningful steps in Cambodia’s information landscape, as private sectors and stakeholders actively contribute to its positive growth.

“Launching this new app showcases Women’s Radio’s enduring commitment to enhancing information access, including digital radio development,” he said.

“I encourage its success in generating valuable content and programmes for the community, thereby contributing significantly to Cambodia’s democratic progress, particularly in collaboration with the Ministry of Information,” he emphasised.

The WMC conducts various initiatives, including monthly forums, women’s opportunity programmes, theatrical productions, radio entertainment and educational broadcasts.

Additionally, they provide training in digital information literacy and media production to young people, making these resources accessible via the organisation’s website, social media platforms, podcast and the new app.