On the recommendation of Prime Minister Hun Sen, the Ministry of Commerce has notified all departments of commerce in the capital and provinces that prices must be affixed to all goods throughout the Kingdom.

The March 22 notice noted that the prime minister had advised the commerce and tourism ministries to ensure that pricing on all goods and services is clear so that consumers are protected from being overcharged or having to haggle over prices.

The ministry notified the departments that the order must be conveyed to all businesses and service providers. The instructions are in accordance with a prakas that was issued in September 2017.

The prakas announced that all traders, vendors and service providers who engage in commercial activity must display prices in riel. The only exceptions were for government authorised duty-free stores and other approved businesses, which were permitted to display prices in a foreign currency. Permission to use pricing in a currency other than riel may be applied for through one-window service offices and is valid for one year.

Vendors who are approved to display prices in a foreign currency must show prices in riel either above or in front of the foreign pricing.

“All businesspeople, service providers and traders who fail to follow this instruction will be held accountable before the law,” added the ministry.