Kandal electric motorcycle factory opens

Content image - Phnom Penh Post
Energy minister Suy Sem tours the electric motorcycle assembly plant in Kandal province on May 26. Heng Chivoan

Minister of Mines and Energy Suy Sem presided over the inauguration of a new electric motorcycle assembly plant in Kandal province to promote the use of electric vehicles (EV) in Cambodia, as part of efforts to reduce emissions.

At the May 26 ceremony, Sem thanked the Korean-owned company, Verywords Co., Ltd., for its cooperation with the energy ministry in the field of solar energy and its five-year capacity building project running from 2021-25, as well as its promotion of the use of EVs.


He also praised the company’s contributions to the development of the Cambodian economy – in line with the Industrial Development Policy 2015-25 and the National Policy on Energy Efficiency 2022-30 – through the establishment of the electric motorcycle assembly plant.

“We hope that the company will continue to work closely with the ministry and all relevant institutions to promote the use of EVs throughout the Kingdom,” he said.

The minister noted that Verywords Co., Ltd., had also supported the ministry’s human resource development programme, and had donated a total of 16 electric motorcycles and three charging kiosks to the ministry. Two of the charging kiosks were installed at the ministry headquarters, and one is operating at the Siem Reap provincial energy department.

Deputy Kandal provincial governor Nou Peng Chandara on May 28 offered his congratulations to the firm.

“The opening of the factory will provide many job opportunities to the people of Kandal province. As the provincial authority, we always welcome investment into the local economy. This will contribute to poverty reduction, something that we are focused on,” he said.

He also noted that the production and use of electric motorcycles will help reduce emissions, which will benefit both the provincial and national frameworks, as well as contribute to protecting the environment.