In order to trade the securities listed on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), investors should contact any securities company licensed by the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) via telephone or email, or by visiting them directly.

For greater convenience, the CSX in 2018 launched the “Mobile Trading System” (MTS) web-based online securities trading system in addition to these traditional means.

MTS allows investors to trade securities easily via their mobile phone.

And in 2022, CSX modernised the MTS, launching a new enhanced trading platform on a mobile app – “CSX Trade”.

MTS vs CSX Trade

MTS and CSX Trade are trading platforms that allow investors to trade securities quickly, securely and easily.

CSX Trade – available on both IOS and Android platforms – is an updated version of MTS.

Filling the gaps in MTS, CSX Trade provides new opportunities for the Cambodian securities market.

Developed entirely by the CSX’s own technical team, the mobile app follows in the footsteps of MTS and retains its key features, but with enhanced security features, special design and higher system capacity – allowing more orders to be received and at faster speeds.

The creation of CSX Trade is another stepping stone for the CSX in the development and growth of the Cambodian securities market.

With its speed and ease of use helping attract even more investors and new listed companies, CSX Trade is a driving force for promoting stronger growth in trading and liquidity in the market.

What can investors do with CSX Trade?

With this mobile app, all of an investor’s orders will be passed through the securities company’s system, ensuring security before even entering it.

Investors can place buy and sell orders, modify orders and cancel submitted orders, as well as check their shares and cash balance.

They can also request the withdrawing of cash from their trading account from anywhere with just a smartphone or tablet that is connected to the internet.

In addition, CSX Trade also comes with a number of functions that allow investors to follow the status of current market orders, and check previous orders and personal account balances, as well as access the latest information and data to support their investing.

The app offers five different language options.

To register for CSX Trade, investors should first have a trading account with any securities company licensed by the SERC.

They can then download and access CSX Trade via smartphone or tablet and select “Request to active MTS account” before entering the required information.

Upon successful registration, select the securities company, enter the username/email approved during registration, and then enter the password to log in before following the instructions.

Any SERC-licensed securities companies can be contacted directly for further assistance.

Prepared by: Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia

Securities Market Supervision Department

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 023 885 611