Victim of attempted rape and murder in Kampot regains consciousness

A 14-year-old girl in Kampot's Teuk Chhou district has regained consciousness after her attempted rape and murder earlier this month, according to the NGO Child Protection Unit.

Human Rights Day celebrations kept to a minimum amid fears of crackdown

Civil society and union leaders took their celebrations of Human Rights Day indoors yesterday, citing fears of being branded as colour revolutionaries.

New eviction deadline for Borei Keila holdouts

Villagers in Phnom Penh’s Borei Keila community have for years fought against resettlement plans that would pave the way for major construction close to the Olympic Stadium. Now they have less than two weeks to either accept compensation or leave empty-handed, according to a letter issued by City Hall on Friday.

Business Insider: Finding solutions for farmers

While agricultural development for Cambodian farmers has largely been led by short-term NGO schemes delivering mixed results, Tommy Christensen, chairman and CEO of Green Country Development, believes that if the proper private sector model were implemented, farming in the Kingdom could be more profitable and sustainable. The Post’s Kali Kotoski sat down with him to discuss some of his ideas.

Yin Srin, a 60-year old recyclables collector and Borei Keila resident, on why she does not want to accept a relocation deal.