Congratulations to people of China for ‘building a great, modern country’

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The China Hong Kong & Macau Expatriate & Business Association of Cambodia provides medical aid in the Kingdom.

On the occasion of the perfect bliss of Mid-Autumn Festival, we celebrate the 71st birthday of our great motherland.

On this special and beautiful day, all members of the China Hong Kong & Macau Expatriate & Business Association of Cambodia and myself sincerely wish for the wind and rain to come at their time, and that our motherland flourishes and people live in peace.

Best wishes to our Hong Kong and Macau compatriots and overseas Chinese in Cambodia for a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

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China Hong Kong & Macau Expatriate & Business Association of Cambodia chairman Yum Sui Sang.

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the great changes over the 71 years have allowed the world to witness the impressive pace of China’s progress – from closed and backward to open and progressive, with unprecedented entry into the centre of the international arena.

From rags to the riches of being the world’s second-largest economy, China has taken mere decades to complete the industrialisation process that developed countries have gone through for hundreds of years.

With their indomitable spirit and unyielding will, the Chinese people have built China into a great, modern and powerful country, with the Chinese nation standing tall among the nations of the world.

This year is destined to be an extraordinary one for China and the world. The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 has caused a great deal of suffering for all of humanity.

After more than two months of arduous struggles and great sacrifices, China finally achieved a decisive victory in the control of the epidemic and provided valuable references and assistance for epidemic prevention and control in countries around the world.

Looking back at the past, we walk with great momentum, and each step is full of suffering and hardship.

Facing the future, we may still encounter some risks and challenges, but we always believe that, no matter what, the wind and rain cannot stop the Chinese people from moving towards a better life and realising the “Chinese Dream” and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Happy birthday to the great motherland, and may the friendship between China and Cambodia be everlasting and unchanging.

Yum Sui Sang, chairman of the China Hong Kong & Macau Expatriate & Business Association of Cambodia.