Central Hospital: The lifeline for quality affordable medical care in the Kingdom

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The Central Hospital in downtown Phnom Penh. Hean Rangsey

The days of Cambodians having to make costly trips abroad to seek specialised medical treatment may soon be coming to an end.

Opening its doors to the Cambodian public in November 2011, Central Hospital represents a new generation of healthcare institutions committed to offering the highest standards of medical care for those with modest treatment budgets.

The Central Hospital is one of the leading locally owned medical institutions in the nation providing comprehensive medical care in areas such as cardiology, neurology, nephrology, urology, gastroenterology, dermatology, endocrinology and otolaryngology.

It also provides treatment in ophthalmology, oncology, haematology, obstectrics and gynaecology, traumatology, general paediatrics, general medicine and general surgery, as well as emergency, out-patient and in-patient care, and critical and intensive care.

Deputy director and chief of cardiovascular surgery at Central Hospital, Prof Mam Bun Socheat told The Post that the hospital has over the years earned the reputation of being Cambodia’s first modern private hospital staffed with the Kingdom’s most respected highly qualified doctors, medical specialists and healthcare practitioners.

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Emmarie A Geli (left), Prof Mam Bun Socheat (centre) and Prof Francois-Xavier Roux. Hean Rangsey

“In the past, there were at times very few or even no heart specialists or neurologists in Cambodia. However, today there are many cardiovascular surgeons and neurosurgeons in the country, made up of Cambodians as well as foreigners.

“This enables local medical institutions like Central Hospital to provide specialist medical consultancy, treatment and surgical services,” Prof Bun Socheat said, upon reflecting on the changes in the country’s medical sector over the past 10 years.

Equipped with modern, state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic facilities, the hospital is paving the way, creating new standards of affordable medical care for Cambodians.

This has resulted in the hospital becoming the preferred medical and healthcare partner of leading international and local insurance companies due its competitive rates for a comprehensive range of medical treatments and services.

Hospital Administrator Emmarie A Geli said that as well as having long-term partnerships with several leading health insurance companies, Central Hospital is working with international and local life insurance companies to enable policy holders to have compulsory health checks and medical screenings.

These are popular services also offered by the hospital.

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Cath-Lab Hean Rangsey

With Central Hospital at the forefront of providing accessible quality healthcare services – including its involvement in many social medical outreaches where free community check-ups are given, supported by frequent health awareness programme activities – trust in the capabilities of local medical institutions and medical practitioners has been restored.

Prof Francois-Xavier Roux, the head of the neurology department, has been with Central Hospital since 2013.

He previously established the neuroscience centre at Phnom Penh’s Calmette Hospital.

“Although surgical operations are complicated, the invaluable expertise and experience of our seven member specialist neurology team – combined with cutting edge medical facilities at our disposal – have enabled us to achieve international success rates in major surgical procedures performed at the hospital,” Prof Roux said.

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