Rémy Choisy stands behind the bar counter with a selection of passion fruit, coconut and coffee infused rums.

Dodo not extinct

Publication date 15 September 2017 | 02:10 | ICT

Nestled behind a tree on a one-way stretch of Street 130, and with no lit signage, Dodo Bar is easy to miss.



  • A row of motorbikes parked on the riverside during last year’s ride.

    Riding in style and for a cause

    Publication date 15 September 2017 | 08:34 | ICT

    For teenagers focused on having a good time and riding cool motorbikes, the tough realities of suicide and prostate cancer are probably the last things on their mind.

  • Behind the scenes of the princess's ballet

    Publication date 13 September 2017 | 16:17 | ICT
  • Behind the scenes of the princess's ballet

    Publication date 13 September 2017 | 16:13 | ICT

    Post Weekend in collaboration with Le Petit Journal - Cambodge got an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, as they travelled to Hong Kong for their debut in the city.

  • Tony Francis in front of a piece by urban artist FONKI (left) and Bryan Beyung (right).

    Creating an avenue for Cambodian urban art

    Publication date 18 August 2017 | 07:06 | ICT

    For years, Cambodia’s urban arts scene has been slowly percolating – and it has been doing so without the help of Tony Francis. With established artists like FONKI, Chifumi, Peap Tarr and Theo Vallier – all either Cambodians or foreigners with close ties to the Kingdom – urban art has become more

  • The Vietnamese-Khmer pork meatballs.

    Baard brings new ideas to the Farm

    Publication date 18 August 2017 | 07:37 | ICT

    South African chef Amy Baard, a fixture of Phnom Penh’s fine dining scene for more than two years, is starting fresh and bringing her energy and culinary creativity to a more relaxed, but equally demanding setting.

  • The four main dishes of the lunch set, including tofu with morning glory and a pork rib stew.

    At Phka Slaa, Khmer food for a picky palate

    Publication date 18 August 2017 | 09:14 | ICT

    Phka Slaa, a new Khmer restaurant geared towards foodie-foreigners, recently opened its doors in a tourist-friendly area on Street 240.

  • The mee kork spread, with the signature handmade noodles.

    At Mee Kork Orussey, noodles are a family affair

    Publication date 11 August 2017 | 10:22 | ICT

    Just about the only thing that has changed in the last decade at Mee Kork Orussey is the wait time.

  • Art meets revelry at new Boeung Kak container market

    Publication date 11 August 2017 | 08:51 | ICT

    The capital now has its second large-scale container market, this time in the Boeung Kak neighbourhood.

  • Moviegoers at the Pi Pay hub at Legend Cinema in Toul Kork claiming their 50% discount. Photo supplied

    Savvy merchants see uptick in business from cashless app users

    Publication date 14 July 2017 | 08:42 | ICT

    Michael Chai, Director at Legend cinema, smiled as he scanned the long queues of Spiderman fans waiting to see the latest installment of the blockbuster Hollywood franchise in Phnom Penh’s Toul Kork district last weekend.

  • Varty (left) and her sister Vartey Sochetra (centre), with guitarist Sok Vichey (right) and drummer “India” in the front yard of their home.

    Vartey Ganiva: telling village tales with the power of punk

    Publication date 14 July 2017 | 06:48 | ICT

    The home of sisters Varty and Vartey Sochetra, and the latter’s husband Timon Seibel, doesn’t appear at first glance too different from a typical country house.