Wenge Works’ top-quality interiors ensuring satisfaction in Kingdom

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Wenge Works has worked for high-end international brands such as Jimmy Choo, building its stores in Singapore (above) and Malaysia (top right). Photo supplied

Bringing the highest international standards to Cambodia, Wenge Works is raising the bar for the quality of interior fit-out works in the Kingdom.

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Started in Singapore in 2012 by Evans Lee, the company has grown to work across Southeast Asia, completing projects in Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Having worked with a range of high-end brands such as Tod’s, Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Roger Vivier, Diane von Furstenberg and Gucci, the company first came to the Kingdom in 2015 to fit the Salvatore Ferragamo store in Phnom Penh’s Vattanac Capital Mall.

“We are a company that is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction, supplying the highest levels of quality having worked with high-end international brands for many years.

“I want Cambodia to have the best quality interiors, matching that found in Singapore or anywhere else in the world, be it London, New York or Paris,” Lee said.

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Evans Lee, the director of Wenge Works. Photo supplied

A pioneer in building high-end brands’ stores in Cambodia, being responsible for the shop interiors for most of the high-end brands in Phnom Penh, Lee is committed to ensuring his customers are entirely satisfied.

“We have the greatest responsibility to deliver the highest standards and are always seeking to improve through a process of never-ending learning,” he said.

In 2000, Lee started at a major shopfitting company in Singapore specialising in high-end brands, working for a man who he describes as his “mentor”.

“I had no background in shopfitting, but my boss, Jay Chiu, fully supported me, becoming my mentor as I learned and gained experience in project management. And after 12 years of working on high-end projects I had the confidence to branch out on my own.

“I set up Wenge Works in 2012, naming the company after my favourite luxury wood veneer finish. I started off very small, with small projects, but previous clients who understood my strengths gave me support and encouragement as Wenge Works grew from humble beginnings.

“With recommendations and growing awareness from other brands the company went from strength to strength, and I have shown that with a dedication to ensuring the highest standards, a small company can thrive,” Lee said.

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The firm is responsible for the Christian Louboutin store in Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo supplied

And the Singaporean says that by remaining small it allows him to focus on quality.

“Even now we are relatively small compared to the big players in the market, but this means we can better ensure quality.

“We have an in-house team of 15, with three main project managers who I can fully rely on to uphold the highest standards, while our carpenters are highly experienced and extremely skilled,” he said.

While the majority of Wenge Works’ projects are satisfying the highest-end retail brands, the quality of the firm’s store interiors has led to private projects.

“I was invited to design and create the interior of a house in Phnom Penh after the client noticed the quality of the store he was shopping in – one that we had built – and he tracked me down.

“With such projects, we speak with the client to understand their tastes, working closely with them at each step of the way to ensure they are entirely satisfied,” Lee said.

Lee said the success of his first projects in Cambodia shows the appetite is there for the highest quality.

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The firm is responsible for the Christian Louboutin store in Hanoi, Vietnam. Photo supplied

“I thought my first project here was to be a one-off, but I saw potential and more followed. And more are in the pipeline, with Wenge Works having been approached by a major Cambodian conglomerate and a top construction company,” he said.

With his company built on the commitment to excellence, Lee says that as the Kingdom develops, he is seeing Cambodians also expecting higher standards.

“Some of the projects I have been called in for have been to rebuild interiors that weren’t done to the standards demanded by the client.

“This demonstrates how important it is to have a reliable and trustworthy contractor like Wenge Works. I want to ensure Cambodia has the highest standards available. Quality pays for itself,” Lee said.

For more information, visit www.wengeworks.com.sg or email [email protected]

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Wenge Works fitted out the Moncler store in Phnom Penh. Photo supplied