Chinese experience may help nations quell Covid

Recently, another wave of Covid-19 pandemic returns and hits some countries in Asia. Domestic flights are suspended. Schools are closed.

Civilians are quarantined and isolated. People wear masks voluntarily or involuntarily in public areas, office places and interchange stations. They panic. Some of them have already lost their jobs. They are also afraid they would get sick. The pandemic should be put to a stop, or at least under control.

Asia is the most populous continent. Some countries such as the Philippines, India, Korea and Japan record new confirmed cases every day. Some cities are even placed in lockdown. China has recovered shortly after the outbreak of the Covid-19. The Chinese medical and research teams accumulated valuable clinical experiences in combating the coronavirus early this year. They have plenty of successful stories and are willing to share with their Asian co-field workers.

For instance, a joint team of medical experts from China was visiting Cambodia, sharing their experiences and know-how on fighting the pandemic with the Cambodian medics. The Chinese also teach the locals how to set up temporary medical centres and wards, with hygiene up to standard, to cope with the potential increase in demand of medical resources.

In China, citizens are issued with a “Health Code” to access government buildings, public transportation, hotel accommodations, etc. Newly infected cases are spotted and isolated in the shortest practical duration. The Chinese have also developed a tactic in which stadiums and convention centres are converted to a temporary medical centre within a few days. Now, the daily lifestyle of the Chinese resumes. The economic activities, as well as dining and entertainment, return to normal.

Currently, the situation of Covid-19 pandemic in some Asian countries is critical. It is worth worrying. The pandemic stands a risk to be widespread in cities if precautions are not taken. Foreign medical aids ought to be deployed to prevent situations getting worse. Covid-19 recognises no geographical boundaries. Let us join our hands together to defend and defeat the pandemic by safeguarding and restoring the public confidence to our healthcare system.

Chu Kar-kin is a PhD student and a veteran current affairs commentator based in Hong Kong