Underage siblings, 18-year-old released after thieving spree

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The siblings broke into their neighour’s home three times before they were finally caught. Police

Authorities on Thursday released three siblings – two who were underage and another 18-year-old – who stole about $3,000 from their neighbours in Puk Russey commune, Khsach Kandal district, in Kandal province.

With their release, their parents have to return the money to the victims.

Two of the three siblings – a 12-year-old boy and his 13-year-old sister – are students. The 18-yar-old is an electrician.

Khsach Kandal police chief Men Sokhoeun told The Post that although one of them is 18, the provincial prosecutor gave the family the opportunity to pay compensation to the victim.

After they stole the money, they spent it on a motorbike. Authorities want their parents to pay the victim back in cash.

“Because two of them are underage, authorities just made the parents pay back the money,” Sokhoeun said.

Authorities confiscated the motorbike and would not return the children to their parents until they repaid the compensation in cash. When the parents repay the victim, they would allow the kids to be educated at home, he said.

Sokhoeun arrested the three kids on March 24. Properties they stole included $2,000 and 500,000 riel. They purchased a 2020 black Honda Dream 125cc valued at $2,470 which was confiscated by the authorities.

The victim kept his money at home and realized it was gone. But he didn’t know who stole it. He then installed a home security camera to investigate.

On Tuesday, when he checked on the home security camera, he saw two kids entering his house and stealing more money. He then took them to authorities, he said.

The two siblings confessed that they stole money four times. The first time was on January 30, when they stole two boxes of instant noodles and a box of milk.

The second time was on February 1, when they stole $700 and 300,000 riel. The third time was on February 4, when they stole $2,000 and 200,000 riel.

They kept the money with their 18-year-old sibling. On March 24, they went to the victim’s house again but were caught and sent to the police.