New Kampot governor reaches out to residents through forum

Content image - Phnom Penh Post
Kampot provincial governor Mao Thonin visits vendors at Samaki market on Monday. KAMPOT PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATION

New Kampot provincial governor Mao Thonin, who is well-known among Cambodians for his methods in tackling disputes outside the court, has started accepting people’s requests and complaints after his inauguration on October 13.

Thonin visited Samaki Market in Kampot town’s Kraing Ampil commune on October 19 to attend a public forum organised by provincial police chief Mao Chanmathurith to provide an opportunity for locals to report their grievance.

The governor said the meeting with residents and vendors was just the first step in understanding their needs to form a common ground to solve problems.

“In the spirit of fraternity as one family, especially with Kampot residents, we will think together, share in the joys and pain and solve problems, difficulties, challenges, requests and needs.

“It is also the next step in the process of local development to further reduce poverty and enable people to live in harmony,” he said.

Thonin advised relevant authorities to solve problems concerning the market’s drainage systems as soon as possible, and asked the market manager and town authorities to not charge small basket vendors and list the names of needy motorcycle taxi drivers in the market to make it easier to support them.

Provincial police chief Mao Chanmathurith told The Post that holding the first public forum in Kraing Ampil commune was not an indication that the commune was inactive. It was a trial meeting to see how such a public forum should be held in other communes in the province.

“Our goal is to strengthen the safe village-commune policy so that it will become more effective. I will continue to report the people’s requests to the governor, and for other issues that can be resolved immediately, we will do it at this time,” he said.

Leuy Vannara, a resident of Kampot province, applauded the forum which he believed would help solve many of the people’s problems, especially land disputes, inaction of officials and security.

“I have seen that this is a good thing to contribute to solving some people’s problems, and these forums enable people to report their problems directly.