New French envoy visits The Post to absorb Kingdom’s media landscape

Content image - Phnom Penh Post
Post Media publisher and CEO Ly Tayseng (fourth from left) and new French ambassador to Cambodia Jacques Pellet. Hong Menea

France's new ambassador to Cambodia Jacques Pellet visited the offices of the Phnom Penh Post on November 24 to get a better understanding of Cambodia’s media landscape and potentially pave the way for future collaborative efforts.

Pellet visited the offices of The Post in Chak Angre Krom commune of Meanchey district with two of his colleagues from the French embassy. The group was warmly welcomed by Post Media publisher and CEO Ly Tayseng and the entire staff.

In an hour-long meeting with Tayseng and Post Media’s management team, Pellet said he wanted to increase his understanding of the media in Cambodia and explore possibilities for cooperation on future publications on subjects like the economy and culture and perhaps in tandem with events organised by the French embassy.

Pellet also praised Cambodia for its expedited speed of development over the past 10 to 20 years.

Tayseng said The Post was happy to welcome the ambassador and would be greatly interested in pursuing any opportunities for future cooperation.

He said The Post would welcome the cooperation of his and other embassies with publications on events related to the fields of culture, socio-economy, politics and Cambodia’s development programmes.

Given that Pellet is new to his posting here, Tayseng recounted for him some of The Post’s history in Cambodia as the longest-running newspaper in the country publishing in both Khmer and English and covering all aspects of the news.

“The Post’s readership includes everyone from the top leaders in government and international institutions – as well as diplomats from the embassies and the UN – to ordinary people such as teachers or business owners. Our audience’s wide range of demographics is reflected by The Post’s large number of print subscribers and daily readers online,” Tayseng explained.

He added that as the oldest newspaper in the country, The Post had earned the public’s trust and would continue to uphold journalistic principles and provide accurate news without any sensationalism in order to combat the growing problem of fake news, especially online.

“The Post focuses on high-quality reporting of the news. With all of our publications, we maintain focus primarily on providing news that is accurate and correct in order to serve the public interest of our nation and people and to meet the needs of our readers. We never publish fake news and we strongly avoid reporting questionable items that could be construed as slanderous,” he said.